You Can Henna or you can Honey: Alternative to Permanent Color

As pretty as hair color can be, we all know how taxing it can be on the hair especially hair types that tend to be dry to begin with, so many women are turning to alternatives to permanent color.

The two best, most popular alternatives from my research are Henna and Honey.

Henna is an awesome all natural alternative to harsh Bleaches and Dyes. It acts as both a Colorant and a Protien Deep Treatment leaving the hair stronger leaving the strands feeling thicker and conditioned. If your hair is dark, it will not make it lighter, rather it will have a rinse like effect that you can see mostly in the sun, if your hair is light brown colored to grey, you can get vibrant color out of this. Henna is also used to darken the hair and leaves incredible shine afterward. I've also seen women with like a dull dark brown get nice color from henna.

Honey is a known natural hair lightener that I'll begin using shortly to lighten my hair. Here is an article explaining it in detail on Associated Content by Kelly Spies:

1/2 cup raw uncooked honey (Jarrah honey works best)
1 1/2 cup distilled water
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon or cardamom
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
Saran Wrap
Swimming Cap

How It Works

Honey and cinnamon are both natural peroxide agents. When combined together they help lift ..... even commercial chemical dyes. The honey only acts as a peroxide through dilution which is where the distilled water comes in. Some people have reported using tap water in their honey recipes but did not have nearly the same success.

Cardamom, cinnamon and extra virgin olive oil are peroxide boosters. Since different honeys produce different amounts of peroxide qualities one or more peroxide boosters are recommended. Cardamom, cinnamon and extra virgin olive oil are 3 that can be combined in the recipe with no ill effects on the hair.

...............................One the honey recipe is mixed together it is best if it is left to sit out for about an hour to allow the peroxide levels to be released. It is possible to allow the honey to release the peroxide levels while it is on the hair but there is no guarantee that it will happen evenly under such conditions.

To coat the hair with the honey recipe you can use a root applicator bottle, spray bottle or a brush. I did try to pour it over my head and while that worked I lost some of the recipe down the drain.

And there you have it, natural conditioning alternatives to harsh bleaches and Dyes :) Hope that was helpful! LOVE to read your feedback.