Update! My Straightened Hair!! Progress Pix!!

Hey my lovely readers! Well I finally straightened my hair for the first time in what seems like forever.

My hurr got that SWANG again!!!

I was tired of the pixies after having them in 3 1/2 weeks they held up really nicely

But I was overdue for a trim and ready to see my true length so I took em down.

I tend to only leave "long term styles" in for three weeks max before I'm bored and ready to switch it up

The crimped effect is actually really cute....I would've left it like this had it not been for the accumulated dead hair hidden in there lol


The Pixies held up wonderfully and had surprising unanticipated benefits to my hair that I noticed after the takedown. I anticipated the length retention but I didn't anticipate the increase in thickness, I've never needed much help in the thickness department, I did the pixie braids to give my hair a break from manipulation (combing, brushing, styling, heat) and to retain the length I gained in the month I wore them and it did just that, they did everything I anticipated but my hair was considerably thicker once I took them down....it was a nice surprise, my hair had thrived under that zero manipulation regimen it was on. So thats definitely something to consider if you ever wanna give this look a try.

My regimen for straightening:

- Applied Extra Virgin Olive Oil Generously before Shampooing

- Braided the hair in eight sections (while still tangled)

- Went to the sink NourishSpa Shampoo & Conditioner in hand put the shampoo only on my scalp and used the SPECTACULAR condish *incredible slip!* on my hair and GENTLY detangled.

- Rebraided as I went then put and GENEROUS amount of LeKair Cholesterol throughout my hair with a bit of aphogee 2 minute keratin reconstructer Deep conditioned under the dryer for 35 minutes then rinsed out

freshly washed and conditioned



Here's a Shot of My Texture:

4a texture UpClose!! :o)


- Sprayed my hair with a new leave-in I didnt like lol (I would recommend using my usual --> dilluted 1-5 in a spray bottle sprayed on each section of damp hair before blow-drying) and began to blow dry my hair braid by braid with a very moderately powered blow dryer.


Lightly Blown Out:


- Took my ceramic flat iron and alternated between 360 and 395 tending more toward 360 (I decided to do only moderate heat tonight)

Here's a shot of me in the middle of the straightening session:


- The End result: Swingin Swangin hair!!!






I guess my new goal is MidBackLength blunt....but I'm very much satisfied with where I'm at right now

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave a comment below! anyone can comment!! ;)