*Update* How My Natural Color Treated Hair Has Held Up

Miscellaneous 051Eh, I kinda feel like I'm done with coloring my real hair. Its absolutely gorgeous, thats without a doubt, but I'm just too low hair maintenance to keep up with the regimen having color treated hair necessitates. For example now I have to DC regularly, now I absolutely must do hard-core protien treatments on a schedule, I have to reduce the amount of heat I use (none of which I was ever *required* to do when my hair was virgin).......I''m already ready to go back to the good ole days and I haven't even had one retouch yet lol.

I was so sure for the longest that I would get a retouch for my birthday on December 11th but now I'm thinking I'm just gonna leave it as is. I'm wearing it in a kinky look for my birthday and when my hair is coily due to shrinkage you can barely see my roots anyhow lol

As for the state of my hair, my hair is doing pretty well....I'm definitely in dire need of a trim, my hair is still thick but my strands are slightly weakened by the color (mostly because I went so light) which is not so good, plus it has this chronic dryness thing thats annoying as all heck but at the end of the day its just hair and I'm glad I gave it a shot its been alota fun. I should be dying it a darker tone like brown down the line.

So yea, thats the update on my hair I'm still gonna play with colors, but I think from now on it'll be with weave hair and not my own, my hair is my precious, my love and I gotta treat her like the queen she is! lol

Thanks for reading loves! If you have any questions, curiousities or feel I didn't address something let me know!