Two Straw Sets I did on two different Hair Types and Lengths!

On both ladies I used nothing but my trusty Eco Styler Gel, some fast food straws, bobby pins to secure, tailcomb and fine-toothed comb.

The first straw set I did was on my beautiful friend Makini her hair type is 3c

She's an amazing make-up artist you can reach her at her site

This is her before shot:

Makini's Straw Set! 007


Fully Set in Straws


Makini's Straw Set! 001


Makini's Straw Set! 004


Makini's Straw Set! 003



Makini's Straw Set! 005


Makini's Straw Set! 006


Makini's Straw Set! 009


Makini's Straw Set! 010

I was proud not only for the stunningly flawless end result, but because she told me this inspired her to use less heat and explore the versatility of her own texture more.....really made me feel wonderful.


The Second set I did on my mom who has shorter hair, she went for a fuller look...and she's a the way I am also a type 4a and my results with a straw set is on the top right of the banner.... ENJOY! :)

Mommy's Straw Set! 003


All Finished & Separated!

Mommy's Straw Set! 001


I keep my mommy lookin fly! 8)

Mommy's Straw Set! 002


Hope I inspired you with all the natural possibilities!