The Unlikely Product that Turned my Skin Around

Hey guys! So this is a little different then what I usually post about but I really wanted to share this with you all because it truly turned my skin around in a matter of days.

I have oily acne prone skin. And when I say oily....I mean OILY. I've been using Proactiv since high school but in recent years my skin just stopped being responsive to it. Plus I just hated paying that high price over and over so I stopped.

I'd literally been on the verge of just buying proactiv again because I was at my wits end. But then one of my best friends suggested to me that I try Calamine lotion as an over night mask and that it could really help with breakouts by drying the acne out. I was VERY skeptical as I've been dealing with bad breakouts for months on end but I started using it and saw results in a matter of days. It really shrank the pimples pores are getting smaller, my skin is smooth, the blemishes are fading, my brother just asked me today if i was wearing foundation and I had a bare was awesome.

This didn't change the oiliness of my skin but it does absorb the oil from your face for a few hours which is nice. This is also super easy to sleep in because it doesn't rub off easily.

I am just IN LOVE with this product I'm so elated to be back to the point that I don't need foundation, I just put gloss and a little eyebrow corrector and I'm fresh faced and out the door. Its been so long since I've been able to do that.

As much as I love this I'm trying to keep things varied so my skin doesn't get too used to anything. So my next adventure will be in the oil cleansing method. I will be back with my experience with that next!

So if you have similar issues to mine and you're struggling as I was, you may want to consider giving Calamine Lotion a try, it very well may knock your socks off.