The Must Have for All Striaght and Sleek Styles

You gotta have your ceramic Flat iron!!! It must must MUST be a 100% fully ceramic flat Iron when your striaghtening. Remember how badly those press jobs your mom did when you were little came out? Especially the ones from the stove.

Here's why:

a) Metal heats unevenly which results in hot spots which can cause burnt off patches

b) The metal never seals the hair's cuticle in the striaightening process leaving it vulverable to frizz at any point

Always buy a flat iron that states that it has 100% ceramic plates they have to tell the truth on that on the packaging....many of them when you really read the packaging on the front or in the back it will state that all they have are ceramic coated plates...thats not good enough the coating will peel off within the first three uses.

On the more affordable low end the conair flat iron they sell in the drug store or beauty supply store for like $60 it was one of the best I've used does the job gets the hair straight its durable and doesnt damage on the higher end I've heard great things about Sedu and Maxiglide.