The Fabulous Fro-Hawk! A Simple How-To

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Many, many MANY people have asked me about my Fro-Hawk so I will now share with you the splendid simplicity of this very chic look.

Wash and condition your hair.

Take your wet natural coils and let them loose! Completely, I know this is scary because you're afriad of shrinkage and tangles but trust me, lol

Spray your hair with a little bit of liquid leave in.

Grab the bottom portion of your hair and fasten it with a ponytail holder (not too tight) and continue like this for three more portions being sure to leave some hair at the middle/top of your hair out.

Take your bangs (you have to have pretty long bangs to pull this off) or the front most portion of your hair and simply fold it under to the back making as big a hump as you want I did it as big as it could go lol

If you want the exact look I got with the three buns, simply fold each section of hair under to create the look of three large buns or you could leave it all out!!

That was my very simple tutorial on how to achieve a fro-hawk.

Let me know if you need any furthur clarification!!