The BlackMasterPiece Regimen for Permanently Colored Hair

BlackMasterPiece's New Summer Styles 039Hey all! So my regimen has significantly changed to ensure I stay ahead of the curve in terms of hair health. When my hair was virgin my regimen was super basic and my hair didn't require much. To be frank I DC'd when the wind struck me and pretty much did whatever I wanted lol....but now I've stepped my game up to be sure that I still reach all my health and length goals color and all. So here is my new reggie:

- I co-wash much more and shampoo much less. I plan to shampoo maybe once a month or month and a half. I co-wash with Trader Joe's Nourishspa.

- I make it my business to DC thoroughly with every wash. Its usually Lekair Shea Butter cholesterol with possibly some oil thrown in like olive oil. (I'm gonna start diversifying my moisture DC's, I know yall tired a hearin bout LeKair lmao)

- I'm going to start a "student on a budget version of steaming" as well (dont worry I'll post about it loves ;))

- I've already begun doing hardcore protien treatments every 6 weeks with Aphogee 2-step.

- If I straighten now, I use my new technique of air-drying in braids prior and eliminate the blow-drying step altogether and only flat iron...this has made a tremendous difference in reducing heat exposure and avoiding that burnt smell you get from having several forms of heat exposure to your hair.

- I'm going to begin doing clear rinses every month to seal the cuticle of my hair and encourage it to lay back down so that it retains moisture that much better.

- My hair is doing really well and feels strong and moisturized most times. As long as I stay on my p's and q's I think everything will go well with my hair.

Hope that helped!