Silky Straight Again! New Technique, only Two Products Used!

Hey lovely BMPers!! I straightened my hair again with the intention of taking fresh progress pix and getting a trim this weekend, well I didnt have time to get that trim and I've decided that my splits will for the most part resolve themselves, they usually do lol

Lisa's Pictures 137I washed with NourishSpa Shampoo/Conditioner. Then I applied LeKair Cholesterol to my hair generously put on my plastic cap and Deep Conditioned with heat for about 35 minutes I enjoyed some tea and Italian bread in the meantime.


Lisa's Pictures 140These are my tools: hot tools blowdryer, hot tools hot comb, conair ceramic flat iron, ordinary spray bottle, ic fantasia heat protectant spray & serum, tape, fine toothed comb.

I taped a fine toothed comb to the side of my flat iron on the base loosely to make the comb chase method easier to worked flawlessly.


Lisa's Pictures 114Naked coils!

Closeup of my texture


Lisa's Pictures 115Blowdrying & Flatironing

Lisa's Pictures 121


Lisa's Pictures 141

Finished result! <3

Lisa's Pictures 142


Lisa's Pictures 144Pin-curled lightly tied with a satin cap for the night! :)


Two days later this is the result

Lisa's Pictures 118


Lisa's Pictures 119Look @ how straight I get it with nothing but a press n flat iron! The funny thing is, I sweat when I sleep, but it seems as long as my hair is pin curled.....I'm good to go and my hair will look fresh and lovely until my next wash.


Lisa's Pictures 120Length check! My blue shirt covers my back, the white undershirt covers half my butt so dont mind that. I think I've achieved MBL! Woooo! Being natural with the right techniques has brought nothing but goodness to me.

HUGE thanks to all that have fanned me on facebook I'm amazed at how quickly that has grown in just a few months and all that have followed on twitter you mean the world to me.