Rules of Kinks: A Simple Guide for Retaining Every inch of Growth

stylish Afro woman- Limit your Hair's Exposure to Heat and Chemicals.

- Do a light trim when you notice your ends need it.

do a slight trim when your ends need it to prevent split ends from traveling up the hair shaft and comprimising more growth.

- Whenever humanly possible airdry! Find pretty styles that fit your style that you can achieve by air drying with a creamy thick leave in for moisture and sealed with good natural oil.

- Low manipulation is key!

Opt for styles that require the least amount of combing separating pulling or disturbing of the hair as possible like: buns, twists, jumbo braids for braid-outs. This will allow you to maintain fullness and length.

When you do apply heat: Use the minimum amount of heat necessary to achieve straightening. The Last thing you want is heat damaged hair.

Instead of relaxing bone straight, Tex-lax (or Texturize) that will mean that instead of leaving the perm on your hair until its dead straight leave it on so that it loosens your hair pattern to a wave or a curl maintaining some of the texture. This will reduce the damage done and make it so that there isn't as much of a dramatic difference between your natural texture and your relaxed texture. It will do less damage to the hair shaft as well. This will allow you to stretch your relaxers with much more ease. You'll also be left with a really cute loose curl that will look great when you do wash and go's!