Preview of My Back to School Style: Pixie Braids!!

Here's a sneak peek at my new style! Enjoy loves!!! This is my hair (no extensions)

I've been looking forward to rocking this versatile look for a while.

  • Its low maintenence
  • it can be worn in a multitude of styles,
  • its wash and go
  • it allows you to retain length
  • its a protective style

As a natural we all know that oftentimes our hair will shrink up on us due to the tight curls, well this is a great look for naturals that want thier hair to lay down, swing and show off all the progress they've made by displaying much of their true length.

It's a time investment when you're doing them, but I think its worth not having to worry about my hair for 1-3 months :)

What are your thoughts? Let me know! ;)