My Results with the MaxiGlide! Find out how it held up after a night of Dancing in the City...

So my mom got us the MaxiGlideMP I was soooo excited I opened it like a child on christmas day I just had a feeling that this was going to work out amazing on my hair and I was totally right.

This state of the art flat iron is a testament to the fact that sometimes it really is worth it to invest in a high quality hair styling tool. If you're unfamiliar with the Maxiglide it is a ceramic flat iron that has detangling teeth within it and uses steam to straighten and seal in moisture in the process.

I can honestly say now that I've tried this, that the promises they make are the truth, I was even able to get my 4b hair line straight using just this flat iron! The detangling teeth are the TRUTH yall!! I simply blowdried with the Andis blowdryer, then went straight to using the maxiglide.

Here are my day 1 results from using the Maxiglide:

Lisa's Pictures 173So I initially set it around 5 or 6 and my thick coarse strands laughed that that, so I've settled on using it on 8 or 9. My hair was soooooo weightless and I had never had that level of silkiness to my hair, it was wonderful. It seemed that it didn't matter how much product I used, it would still end up weightless shiny and incredibly soft, it felt like the cuticles of my hair shaft were really laying down flat.

Here's my day 2 hair idk why but this holiday break was just back to back blues and turquoise tones for me, guess I was feelin that! lolLisa's Pictures 186

Lisa's Pictures 184


Here is my day 3 hair my brother decided to treat me to a show at the theatre and a lounge this shows you how my hair looked during and after the party


Lisa's Pictures 196

Me and my big Bro!! <3


Lisa's Pictures 169


Me and the birthday girl!! I KNOW yall feelin her fade......I sure am!!!

Lisa's Pictures 179


Lisa's Pictures 187


Lisa's Pictures 201

This is my hair by the time I got home at the end of the night. The only part that reverted was the very bottom of my nape area. I was really impressed.