My Pixie Braids! The Finished Look!!

Well I'm in love! I finished them last weekend it took me two full days which wasn't that bad. Unwashed dry braids can feel very brittle and dry so once I finished I immediately conditioner washed them with Aussie Moist and it was wonderful. I used the Aussie moist as a leave-in as well, they shrunk a bit but they look beautiful, feel soft & they're flowy bouncy from a few feet away it just looks like my hair is just loose and down but when you get close you see the detail of the braids. They're super neat, the ends curled up beautifully.


I wet the ends daily in the shower, then I get out, moisturize the ends and seal them with an oil, it keeps my ends super soft and touchable and helps the curl really pop.

If you want you can wash these braids every day or every other day with no problem (its best to use a sulfate free shampoo) however I want to keep them fresh looking for as long as possible so I wash them 1-2 times a week instead.

At night I just cover my pillow with my satin scarf and sleep free

When I go into the shower all I do is clip my hair up I don't even need to use my shower cap at this point humidity doesn't do anything to it but define the curls at the ends and give me a nice daily steam treatment for my hair (although I might start when it starts to get cold).

This is by far the easiest style I've ever worn in my life, I really don't have to do a thing to it, washing and conditioning is a breeze wearing it up looks cute wearing it down looks cute its just a fun time all around and all the while my hair will be growing in a protective style not being manipulated pulled or stretched at all just being cleansed and deep conditioned I expect some nice growth from this style its a wonderful break from styling.

I've included the pix I've taken since this weekend of the look hope you enjoy!!