My New Wash n Go Style: Mini Twists

Hey BMP readers! These are mini twists I did last weekend so that I could have an easy-going wash & go hair-style for these last three weeks of the semester. I did this on my dirty pressed hair because I wanted to avoid applying heat again, save on time and unnecessary manipulation of my strands. Rather then wash my hair, DC then blowdry (which would have contradicted my goal of taking a break from heat).

I twisted my hair tightly by employing the twist and turn method which you can watch here....secured my ends....then washed my hair three times with Trader Joe's NourishSpa, added Aussie 3 Minute Miracle and left it on for about 10 minutes rinsed then added a generous amount of Aussie Moist conditioner and left it in as a leave-in. My hair dried buttery soft and felt clean and moisturized.

Anywhoo here are the pics of my twisted pressed hair and my shrunken hair after the wash. My shrunken twists land halfway between shoulder blades and Arm Pit Length....I've come to realize that twists shrink more then Pixie Braids....but I opted for these because they'll be way easier to take down in three weeks. So far I'm co-washing every 3 days and falling more and more in love with is with each passing day. Here are the pics.

My Mini Twists 004


My Mini Twists 009


My Hair Shrunken After the Wash

My Mini Twists 007


My Mini Twists 005



My Mini Twists 002


My Mini Twists 006


My Mini Twists 011


My Mini Twists 013


Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have *any* questions :)