My Halloween Hair and Costume!!

Hey yall!! I wanted to share with you my Halloween hair style and my cute as can be costume as a bonus.

If you're wondering to yourself, what is a grown 22 yr old doing celebrating Halloween?? Then for a brief background, heres a great link:

For my costume I knew I wanted to be, my favorite animal: a Cheetah. My mom knows how to sew so she agreed that she'd make it for me. We searched high and low and couldn't find the right fabric or material, finally we stumbled upon these fuzzy leopard PJ's in a store that my mom said would be perfect at first I gave her attitude and the side eye but eventually I came around and began to see the potential in it and fell in love. Here's what the pajamas looked like initially:

Lisa's Pictures 035
Lisa's Pictures 036


I did Bantu Knots on already pressed and flatironed hair the night before and left them in for as long as possible so I unraveled them as the last step before I put my costume on.

Here's what my Bantu Knots looked like:

Lisa's Pictures 040

Lisa's Pictures 037

Here's what they looked like unraveled before separation:


Lisa's Pictures 041

Here's the finished look:


Lisa's Pictures 042

Lisa's Pictures 044

I took these pix because I knew over the course of the night my hair would revert so I wanted to show yall the ideal results you would have lol

After all the rain and humidity of the night my hair was like, I'ma be me! lol and it shrunk into the fluffy poof I was like oh well....I'm still fly lol here are some pix of the reversion:

Lisa's Pictures 069



Lisa's Pictures 079 Lisa's Pictures 080









Lisa's Pictures 087














All in all I had a blast of a night as I do every year at the Halloween Day Parade hope you enjoyed! <3