My First Attempt at Crochet Braids!

These are crochet braids I did on my mom! I must say it looks fab! Its an excellent protective style which will be great for her as I'll be away to school again by the end of this weekend :'( .

So as many of you know, I'm striving for long term low maintenence protective styling to achieve your length goal. The protective style I found and fell in love with were crochet braids. I chose them because they give you a very "done" polished look while protecting your hair, they're quick and easy to do most ladies claimed it took them an average of 3-4 hours so I was excited to try them. Well my mom went from store to store and couldn't find a latch hook anywhere :- so we got creative and I pretty much did this style with nothing more then a bobby pin 8) lol I used FreeTress Water Wave Hair in number 4 and a little 4/30 to incorporate the golden highlights.

Its doesnt look like much hair in the pack but its called bulk for a reason people! lol to do her hair it took just 2.5 packs it was about $6 each. The hair frizzes very easily when you seperate each cluster so to tame that and define the curl I used some cheapo Ampro Clear Ice Gel I had lying around on each piece and it worked beautifully very little flaking and light-medium hold. I was so glad to finally find a use or that. If you want more of an afro look you can simply leave the hair frizzy and you'll get the full effect you want. Without further ado.....heres the pix!

Enjoy! :)

I started by Cornrowing her hair while wet. I used a very small amount of IC fantasia gel on her edges and the first half inch of her roots. On the rest of her hair I used Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Cream Moisturizer for each section and re-wetted as I went along with a spray bottle.

Mommys Crochet Braids 001


All finished with the braids! :D

Mommys Crochet Braids 002


Mommys Crochet Braids 003


Mommys Crochet Braids 011


Mommys Crochet Braids 006__________________

Mommys Crochet Braids 010______________________

Mommys Crochet Braids 007

This is mommy glammed up at the theatre...more pix from last night should be up by later today! Including how I looked or the night so stay tuned!

So thats mommy's protective style for the next month! I wanted to do this on myself as well but that looks like thats happening next weekend instead mommy's fabulousity comes first, she sacrificed for me all these years she deserves some pampering. Hope you enjoyed!


In NYC and interested in getting this style done?

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