My Experience Going to Get Color: Lessons Learned

Hey everyone so I thought I'd share my very mixed experience going to a salon to get my hair dyed.

First of all the color came out gorgeous, I'm 100% satisfied with that. Everything else....left something to be desired and made me regret making the trip.

First off, when I got there I realized the price was going to be exorbitantly high, but I had already went out of my way to get there and I really wanted the change so after alot of contemplation there I decided to go for it despite the (ridiculously high) price.

Second of all when I got downstairs to the washing tables I realized they weren't going to use Aveda color on me they were going to use another professional quality brand on me, while it was high quality, Aveda was what I researched and what I wanted so that was a major dissapointment.

Third, I felt my hair was handled roughly all day and handled improperly to the point that I probably sustained some (limited, but) unnecessary breakage as a result. My hair was left to shrink 100% and the stylist attempted to detangle my hair while slightly damp with no product so all I was hearing was snap crackle POP. I eventually stopped her and after a time just left with a mostly shrunken fro.

I came home and immediately gave my hair the TLC it deserved, gently detangled it and drenched it in a moisturizing deep conditioner (Cholesterol) with a little extra virgin olive oil and left it in overnight.

After all was said and done, I wish I had just done Clairol Luminize at home and then put a semi-permanent over it to achieve the color I wanted, countless ladies have seen success with that on LHCF it would have been cheaper, and gentler. My mom and my aunt encouraged me first not to get the color, then they encouraged me to go and get it professionally done if I do go for my heart of hearts I knew I was fully capable of doing the color myself but I let other's voices become more important then my own (never a good thing). Now that I shared my experience with them they both expressed regret at not believing that I could handle it on my own.

What this experience taught me was that very, very VERY few people know how to handle hair as tightly coiled as mine, (which I plan to do something about), I am fully capable of doing anything I need to do with regard to my hair, myself, if you insist on going to a salon.....HAVE A STRATEGY. What I could have done to spare myself the drama was to insist on keeping my hair in like 20 braids, bring my own deep conditioner, saturate my hair with it, throw it in 6 jumbo twists and leave. But I really just can't ever roll the dice with my hair like that again....I'll be doing all my subsequent color touchups.