My Current Straightened Length & Regimen!

Hey yall! So I took down those wonderful crochet braids

- Braided my hair while tangled and dirty in ten.

- Wet my braids, shampooed my scalp well.... rinsed then saturated one section with slippy conditioner, detangling rebraiding and repeat till I completed my whole head

- Then I added a generous amount of LeKair Cholesterol to my hair, tied a shopping bag around my head, then tied my towel around my head on top of it and left it on for a few hours...then rinsed

- I then proceeded to blowdry each section using IC Fantasia Serum and Bantu knotted as I went along.....once my entire head was bantu'd I pressed my edges and maxiglided my hair on setting 9.

As usual I pin curl at night and I'm really just enjoying the feel of my hair blowing in the wind again.

As for my regimen, I keep it very simple.

Wash & Condition with Trader Joes Sulfate Free NourishSpa, if I'm in one of my straightening phases....I dont have to detangle at all just put my hair into 8 braids wash, condition and DC then take them down one by one to straighten again. If I'm doing textured air-dry styles I gently detangle only on wash day with soaking wet hair saturated with conditioner (NourishSpa or Aussie Moist) or under a cascade of water.

Deep Condition with LeKair Shea Butter Cholesterol primarily, sometimes if my hair is craving something specific I'll either do my "go to" Mayo/EVOO/Egg or I'll ask my mom for a natural Haitian Hair recepe and DC with it. Or if I'm pressed for time I'll just do Aphogee 2min.

If my hair was airdried in a natural style if I feel my hair needs it, I'll spritz with a dilluted leave in with IC Fantasia Aloe or Infusium (I wanna tweak this portion of my reggie and possibly try Lacio Lacio) and seal with a natural oil or butter.

If I straighten I use IC Fantasia Serum and Spray and pin curl my hair every night. I simply use my GNC organic extra virgin coconut oil whenever my hair feels dry.

Always sleep with a satin scarf and always gentle with my hair...... and that's it!

*My long term plan is to replace all my favorite commercial staples with a product from a Black Owned Company that works just as well for my hair*

So this is my natural progress. Thanks for reading! Here's the pix!

My Current Length 006


My Current Length 002


My Current Length 008


My Current Length 003


Thanks for reading!