My Classmate's Fabulush Puff & the Style I Did in Her Hair!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Todays featured reader of BlackMasterPiece is my classmate. Her hair is a puff that looks like cloud of lush loveliness. I remember the beginning of the semester when I entered the lecture hall for the course we were both taking I spotted her puff and just COULDNT stop staring.

Entranced after class I came up to her and gushed with compliments about her hair and we got to chatting I asked her if she encounters single strand knots as a result of wearing a puff so often she said she been natural for about a year and that a puff and pixie braids is mostly what she does with her hair and she doesnt know many styles to do with it.

I immediately offered to do her hair for her and she loved the idea. I started talking options and styles with her and we settled on Comb Coils: a great curl defining protective style for her hair type. After long ado here are the pics my gorgeous Masterpieces!

I used a fine toothed comb and eco styler gel, this style is actually quite gentle on kinky hair since you're working with such tiny sections, detangling is usually quite easy.

IMAGINE you had *this* gorgeousness sitting right next to you in class...would you be able to focus? lol

Lisa's Pictures 162


Heres how she started:

Lisa's Pictures 001


Lisa's Pictures 002


Getting Started about a third of the way done here

Lisa's Pictures 003


Lisa's Pictures 004


Lisa's Pictures 005


Finished!! The Gel is still drying clearly lol

Lisa's Pictures 006


She loved having her hair hang again

Lisa's Pictures 008


This is us the next day she accessorized with an adorable headband and my hair was a bantu knot out on pressed hair.

Lisa's Pictures 009


Lisa's Pictures 010


Lisa's Pictures 011


Happy Holidays to you and yours hope you enjoyed!!