Lot's of Clients + Full Time School = Baaddd Blogger lol

Sorry I've made a disappearance act of late. I'm very glad to say that I have clients booked every single weekend since I've began offering my services so thanks so much to all those that have found me on google, twitter, LHCF or were long-time folllowers of my blog. Thanks alot for your interest and your praise I appreciate it.

I'm also a full-time college student to top it all off. So My life has been pretty much school, hair-styling, and sleep lol I haven't had very much time to blog but I'm doing my best to get you all up to date on alllllll the styles I've been doing while I've been away. Thanks so much for all those that have faithfully stuck by me and welcome to everyone that finds me via google search.

Hope you had an awesome thanksgiving!