I Made a Wig from Scratch!

Hey guys! So my Cousin decided she wants to enjoy the feel of having bangs and jet black hair without changing her own actual hair so she asked me to make her a wig and thats exactly what I did. It was a quickweave based on a stocking cap. We used human hair blend cheap hair and I'm happy with the results for my first try. I am making it my top priority to start rolling out tutorials for you guys regularly and I promise they're coming up soon! Without further ado....here's the pix!

Cookies Custom Wig 006


Cookies Custom Wig 010


Mid-way through

I laid the tracks in a U shape untill I reached the crown...once I got to the crown I started laying them in a circle.

Cookies Custom Wig 008


Cookies Custom Wig 003


Cookies Custom Wig 013


Cookies Custom Wig 014


Cookies Custom Wig 015