I Did Comb Coils on my Brother!

Hey everyone! So my brother has been rocking a low fro lately, he finally let me style it for him....I think I broke him down lol

I was inspired by a picture of an actor with beautiful comb coils and my brother agreed that it would be a good look I used a barber comb.....I did longer rectangular sections in the back and on the crown I did small individual coils.

It was really interesting styling his hair, realizing that he has coily hair on the sides and back curly hair on his crown.

Anywhoo onto the pix! :)


Bens Comb Coils 004______________________________

Getting started

Bens Comb Coils 006


lol! posin for the camera

Bens Comb Coils 009


Bens Comb Coils 003___________________________________

Finshed! :)

Bens Comb Coils 001____________________________________

Bens Comb Coils 007________________________________

Bens Comb Coils 002