How I plan to Lighten My Hair Gradually, with Limited Damage

I found out about this process/product from a helpful poster on on a hair forum. Its called Clairol Luminize and its said to be a gentle conditioning lightener. It lifts hair one level per use so its very gradual.

I really did thorough research on it and it really seems to be the real deal and not particularly harsh on the hair

Now that I'm wearing and enjoying this afro extension style with auburn and copper highlights on the crown and brown underneath....I think I'm ready for the real deal and ready to do this on my own natural hair. I need a change and its time for me to step out of my box.

It will be scary as I'm used to always being super conservative with my hair and not having to do much to/with it....but I really want a change and to challenge myself to step outside the box.

I'm gonna go for it....wish me luck everyone! I'm buying it today!