Flexi-Rods on My Pressed Hair, I'm in LOVE!

So I did my new straightening technique and my hair was perfectly straight leaving the house but the humidity had plans of its own so my hair reverted a bit during the day.

My new go-to for reverted pressed hair? Flexi Rods! Put those sucka's in (taught to tight) over night or even for a full day and I PROMISE you your hair will go right back to silky and front like nothin ever happened lol its great. All I used was extra virgin coconut oil.

(Put more rods then pictured here....put 10 ideally)

Miscellaneous 07

These are pics immediately after taking the flexi rods out

Miscellaneous 050

Miscellaneous 051

This is when it had a chance to loosen


Miscellaneous 066

Miscellaneous 063