Fantasy Post: If you could have ANYTHING you wanted Hair-Wise...What would you get?

Let's imagine that money is no object for you and you can get ANYTHING you want hair-wise. What would you get?

Here's My WishList!

I'd get practically the whole Aveda HairCare Line. Specifically their Dry Remedy and Color conserve lines

I'd also get Karen's Body Beautiful, Qhemet Biologics, Oyin Handmade and many other natural products.

I would use only Nexxus Emergencee for my Hard-Core Protien Treatments

I would get a Huetiful Hair Steamer

80 Extra long and Wide CurlFormers

I would get like 100 Strawllers (even though they're too short for my hair but

Pibbs Salon Quality Professional Hair Dryer

Then, I'd get this Just because it looks really futuristic and cool lol its supposed to be a super efficiant way of drying or heating the head where it only goes to your hair and not your face or ears....its pretty awesome....and WILDLY expensive lol

Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

Finally, I'd train someone to do natural hair with health in mind and have them do my hair for me when I didn't feel like it lol and I would order all of this simultaneously.

Whats on your fantasy Hair wishlist?