Fact or Fiction? Seperating the Hair Myths From the Truths

- Trimming your ends makes your hair grow faster

  • NOPE trimming your ends keeps your hair looking neat and gets rid of split ends but it has no correlation to growth. I trim my hair like once a year or once every two years and my hair has been growing out nicely. I may start to do it twice a year but it has NO correlation to growth.

- Stretching your relaxers will make your hair break off

  • Wrong the only reason anyone's hair breaks off is lack of knowledge on how to properly care for one's hair. Stretching relaxers properly will result in longer stronger thicker hair

- Greasing or Oiling my scalp will make my Hair Grow

  • To some extent, Yes. There ARE certain ingredients that when applied topically can potentially double your normal hair growth rate especially if you combine them with supplements that will boost hair growth. A few examples are sulphur, miconozole nitrate, and megatek (I'll be doing a separate post dedicated to boosting hair growth rates shortly). However don't be fooled, the VAST majority of hair greases out there are not good for your scalp or your hair. Most hair greases and oils contain cheap fillers like mineral oil and petrolatum which may actually clog the pores.

- There are some hair types that are so kinky and unruly that they're too unmanageable and must be permed to be tamed.

  • Completely FALSE and I hear this sorry excuse ALL the time. Just because you can't care for your hair the same way a person with straight hair would doesn't mean that your hair is unmanageable. It simply means you need to get educated on how to care for YOUR hair texture and YOUR specific hair needs. Educate yourself on the best detangling conditioners, on the best moisturizers, on the best protein treatments for strength and some bangin protective styles and your hair will be growing down your back before you know it.

- When I wear a weave, I don't have to care for my own real hair because I have a weave on.

  • Wrong. Take that time and get the most out of it!! Take that time period that your hair is in a weave and use it to deep treat your hair, use it as a time to give your natural hair a break and moisturize and seal regularly get some real growth out of that time so that eventually, your hair will be the same length and thickness as the weave!

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