Dreadlock Extensions: Some of My Best Work Yet!

As you all know, I love creating fresh new protective styles that let you stay fabulous while you protect your strands and retain length. I quickly fell head over heels in love with the idea of doing temporary dreadlock extensions that look 100% legit as a protective style.

After doing tons of research for tutorials on youtube I found most of them pretty lacking and more geared towards nubian twists; which are really nice looking, but look super shiny and pretty blatantly fake. So I took small tips from several tutorials but when I got down to it I found that I had to come up with my own techniques for this style and thats just what I did!

This was my first attempt at loc extensions and it was a raving success. I was really happy with the results and did them to be removable.

My friend Makini is having an absolute blast with them she washes almost every day. Her hair is completely protected and surrounded by the extension hair so she's not concerned with her hair rubbing against anything and drying out. She even has the freedom to sleep with her hair fully loose if she likes.  The pix are next followed by the FAQ's and their answers enjoy! ;)


kinis b4







To view more of my work with loc extensions, click here.


In NYC and interested in getting this style done? 

E-mail: LovelyLocs@BlackMasterPiece.com for appointments and additional info.



Are they permanent?

There are both permanent and temporary versions of this style, that is completely your choice.

Do you use Glue?

I do not use glues of any kind in my loc extensions.

Do I have to use Human hair?

We can use either human or synthetic hair, most of my clients seem to prefer human, this set I did on Makini was with Synthetic hair.

Is this style okay if I have shorter hair/transitioning hair?

This style would work just as well for short/newly natural/transitioning hair....there are even relaxed ladies getting this done as a protective style.

Will it look real?

I believe the pictures speak for themselves. It looks 100% legit, you go from your current look to looking like you've had locs for a decade overnight....its pretty awesome

Can I wash my hair with them in?

Absolutely Makini washes almost every day with no issues

How long can this last?

You could keep the temporary or permanent locs in for as long as you like. So that can mean a few months, a few years or indefinitely. If it is just a temporary protective style, try not to exceed 5 months (YES they last that long). The convenient aspect is that your new-growth will blend flawlessly with the extension hair...as it is the same texture.

Can I go in the water at the beach with this?

Yes you can absolutely go to the beach and get drenched in the water with this.

What Brand/How many packs of hair did it take to do?

That depends on length, I will let you know what your specific needs are for your unique style.

How long does this style take to complete?

This style takes allll day long to do lol you have to start in the morning and be finished by the night

This is one of many styles I've been doing this summer I have SO much more in store (including the redesign of my site!) and I plan to share them all with you! Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of my work in the comments! :)