Don’t Believe the Hype! Five Hair Myths Exposed!

shocked black girl

I'm gonna start out with some of the biggest myths we were told:

- Black women can only wash their hair once a week or every two weeks otherwise it will get dried out

WRONG your hair gets dried out not because of washing but because of what you're washing WITH. Most commercial shampoo's contain Sodium Laurel (or Laureth Sulfate) which is a cheap harsh detergent that dries the hair out and can lead to breakage.

A great alternative to this would be to do whats known as conditioner washing or co-washing this can be done as often as you like. Some people do it as often as every day with great results, or you can purchase a shampoo that doesn't contain harsh sulfates and use that to wash your hair. It is very good for your hair for you to co-wash it often it will help with hydration and reduce build-up which can slow-down growth.

- Black Women's Natural hair is unmanageable

WRONG Black women's natural hair is perfectly manageable, you simply need the right products to detangle and you need to be sure to only detangle the hair when it is soaking wet with the right conditioner for your hair type. For me, Aussie Moist has been a godsend providing incredible slip allowing the comb to simply glide thru my afro textured hair applying an oil like extra virgin olive oil also makes a huge difference.

- Black Women's Hair Just Grows Slower then Other Races Hair

FALSE our hair grows at much the same rate as any other race, however many black women's hair stays short because we do not retain (maintain) the length. This happens through overprocessing or overlapping relaxers, combing natural hair while its dry, heat damage etc our hair grows at very close to the same rate as any other race of women's hair we just have been misinformed about how to care for our hair.

- You Should Get a Relaxer Every Month

Absolutely NOT. This is exactly the kind if thinking that has most Black women stuck at stringy shoulder length hair. You should stretch your relaxers as far apart as you can stand, no matter how kinky or coarse your hair is. I recommend stretching at least 3-4 months so that you can avoid overlapping relaxers and overprocessing your hair this can be done by doing styles like braid-outs and flat-twist outs bantu-knots you also need to use products that will soften your new growth and make it manageable like ElastaQP mango butter.

Ladies and Gent's Don't believe the Hype! I have come to find out on my healthy hair journey that to grow Afro textured hair long and strong, you have to unlearn most of the hair myths we were taught growing up. I know alot of what I said may be controversial to some. Let me know what you think!

Happy Hair Growth!