Chic Styles For Long Natural Hair

gorgeous fro hawk long afro hairSo you've successfully made it to long lengths with your natural hair and as lovely as it can be, you'd like some style options that show off your length more rather then always wearing it shrunken.


Here are some chic style Ideas for the Long Haired Natural Woman that show length wonderfully:

Press & Flat Iron - This is a great style to do from time to time to show 100% of your length its gorgeous and lasts nicely when done correctly. Be sure to allow your hair some breaks from heat from time to time to avoid heat damage.




- The Braid-out - Wash and condition as usual, get your favorite moisturizer and braid the hair in small to medium sized braids. Once dry, undo the braids. You'll be left with a nice crimped look that shows off about 80-90% of your length!


- Pixie Braids on Natural Hair - These braids are just like the braid extensions you got from the African salons *except* these are done without extensions. They're very small briads that do take a serious time investment to install but once they're in they can be left in for 1-3 months they can be co-washed weekly or bi-weekly, they allow you to retain length, airdry and eiminate manipulation for the duration of the style, so I'd say its worth it. Pixie braids are versatile and neat, it makes natural hair lay down and allows you to show your true length completely. It's a wonderful carefree style that requires little to no maintenence other then sleeping with a satin cap.


- Hair Banding - Hair Banding entails taking a pony tail holder and wrapping it around medium sized portions of the hair untill you reach the ends of the hair this allows you to stretch the hair without the use of heat and in that way you get to show off much of your length.


- Shingling with Gel - Dividing hair into small sections, saturating it with a "natural friendly" gel like ic fantasia gel or eco styler gel which are well known curl definers and elongators and "shingling" the hair with it. Meaning you would saturate a small section with the gel, comb thru it, hold it semi taught at the end and take a diffuser set on "cool" or low and allow it to dry like that. the gel will give it the hold it needs to remain elongated and you can show much of your length in this way. I would recommend starting the hair off with a natural oil like olive oil, coconut oil or Castor oil to allow the set to me smooth and not as crunchy.


Well those were some ideas on how to show length once you've become a long haired natural. Let me know what you think! Until then, happy hair growth!

This post was inspired by Katelyne who asked what style options would show off her long natural hair thanks for asking a questions many others were probably wondering about as well! ;)