Celebrating the 1 Month Anniversary of My Crochet Braids!


I'd like to dedicate this song to my crochet braids...you been so good to me boo! lmao! ;)


This has been an absolutely wonderful month and the freetress water wave hair has aged like a fine wine. I'm actually going on 5 weeks and I'm still getting compliments (not to mention catcalls ;) ) left right and center. I went to the beauty supply last week to get some more of the hair to redo them for my mom and the ladies at the beauty supply were in amazement, one of them stepped out from behind the counter and told me how gorgeous it looks, her eyes were gaping lol it was really nice.

I had an adorable moment with my brother after having them in for a week he turned to me and said I really like your hair....is that a protective style? I was grinning from ear to ear I was like "You really listen to me! Thats so sweet" and he was like "yea ok relax" lol that was sweet.

One day on the train this one girl got on and the second she did she said wow I love your hair and immediately asked to touch it lol not mention all the kind words and encouragement from my friends, family and all of you lovely readers its been a blast and I'm gonna just reinstall them.

Okay heres what I've learned about the hair over this month:

- You can definitely wash it the traditional way...with shampoo....just focus the shampoo on your scalp where all the buildup is and rise. Dont rub or tangle the hair just gently get your fingers between the braids and rub, not too vigorously but just enough.

- You can condition the hair too

- I wash weekly add a quarter size of conditioner to the hair a generous amount to my cornrows add a heaping handful of gel and let it air dry....its awesome

- I moisturize the cornrows themselves with something light like conditioner and a little extra virgin coconut oil...I'll be using Organic Root Stimulators Olive Cream Moisturizer to moisturize after a wash for my next install.

- Daily you should shake the hair out in the morning and keep the curls separated from eachother....this part is hard to explain and thats why theres a video coming down the pike for this style.

- You must go on matt patrol weekly. Every week you should go thru the hair and search for small matts when you find them simply cut them out to keep the hair well defined and fresh

- If you have really short hair at your edges then you should add a tiny amount of hair to start off the cornrow and anchor the hair better, make sure its a very small undetectable amount.

- To make it last longer as a style it would be a good idea to cornrow the back in continuous circle and the front straight back....that way you can redo the front without having to redo the entirety, this is also helpful for those like me with longer hair to have more of their hair away and protected from the elements.

- You *must* sleep with a satin cap every night to keep it in the best condition. I grab both halves of my hair criss cross them across the back of my head...throw my satin cap over it at night and sleep however I please.

Well without further ado, here are the pix of my crochet braids over this past month:

Week 2

My Crochet Braids one month later 002


My Crochet Braids one month later 003


My Crochet Braids one month later 012


Week 3

My Crochet Braids one month later 011


Week 4

My Crochet Braids one month later 001


And there ya have it! Hope you enjoyed sweeties! :) Cuz I sho am! lol


In NYC and interested in getting this style done?

E-mail: CurlyQue@BlackMasterPiece.com for appointments and additional info.