Always Wear Protection!!!........Protective Styles that is ;o)

Protective Styles are KEY to reaching your hair length goal, you don't have to wear them all the time but they can be integral to reaching long lengths.

Some examples of protective styles are:

- Buns

- Braids / Braid-outs (which is braiding your hair in large sections while wet and allow it to airdry overnight....then unbraid it and wear a soft wavy look the next day this works especially well on relaxed hair or softer hair textures)

- Twists/Flat-twists, Twist-Outs (undoing your twists for the spiral curl look)

- Wigs and when done properly........ sew in weaves (the glued in tracks are never good for your hair) Many of these looks will be demonstrated in my YouTube tutorials when they go up ;)

- Comb Coils

Find a protective style that works for you that suits your style and strive to wear that protective style as often as possible to achieve your longest growth potential!