A New Year! Hair Update, I’m Back, and I have so much to share

The Comeback Kid 500_Fotor

Hey everyone! I’m alive! lol The pics are me this past summer, its pretty much how I’ve been wearing my hair, a bantu knot out on blowdried and lightly pressed hair (tutorial on the way), really textured and big, its a temperamental style but I just adore the way it looks. My hair is waistlength with “eh” ends, I’m gonna be cutting to (at least) MBL soon, which I’ll be sure to document with you all. I have about 3yrs worth of clients (with pictures), and experience along my hair journey to share, huge thank you to everyone who has stuck with me this entire time and welcome to new readers as well.

I’m still doing loc extensions and crochet braids, I started in my parents basement, and now have my own little beauty studio in the city going on 3yrs now. I have tons of clients to share with you all and you can expect them in the coming days I also have a brand new instagram that I just launched and I’m looking forward to adding content there as well.

Thank you to my readers and everyone that has been asking for updates, they’re finally here and they are plentiful, can’t wait to catch you all up and chat with you. Hope you’re enjoying your week, now I’m off to work on my next post!