Update: Makini’s Show Stopping HighLighted Locs!

Hey everyone! Remember Makini from Dreadlock Extensions: Some of My Best Work Yet? Well she’s been hooked on locs ever since, I’m gonna share with you her progress with Loc Extensions and her second fabulous set of carefree locs! This time with highlights!

I took these pics myself when we were in the car on our way to a lounge as you can see in my Flat Twist Out on the Town post. In the third picture in the gallery you can see how long her hair has grown within the locs! Its really remarkable and she loves how effortless the progress is. Take a looksie and tell me whatcha think!

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Get it girl!


In NYC and interested in getting this style done?

E-mail: LovelyLocs@BlackMasterPiece.com for appointments and additional info.


To view more of my work with loc extensions, click here.

Thanks for reading! Sound off! What are your thoughts on Kini’s copper highlights?.

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  1. Makini

    It’s true! I’m addicted to my loc extensions! My hair has grown almost as long as the locs, so my goal of having waist-length hair is not far from reach! I love that I can easily wash my hair as often as I like, and my locs look better and better with time. Even with several weeks of new growth, my hair looks amazing! I love not having to fuss with my hair for months at a time. I get compliments constantly when I go out, and people are always shocked that it’s extensions and not real locs! Thanks Mona-Lisa!!

  2. Charlie

    Hey I love your work (talented) ….. I have always wanted dreads but hated the begining stage so for that reason I continued to cut my hair but now I found out about you I’m going to grow them out then pay a visit to you ( I’m a guy) email me on the price …..id like to use real human hair and make it permanent

    1. Post

      Hey Charlie, thanks alot for the kind words, its wonderful that we can now skip that awkward beginning stage. I sent you an e-mail 😉

  3. Esperanza

    i live in new york and would like to get my hair loc’d please contact me….look forward to hearing from you your work is a masterpiece

  4. Jay

    This is still my favorite of all the loc extensions that I’ve seen online. You’re amazing, and I find myself coming back to this loc extension idea that I’ve had for years because of your talent for it and my desire to add all things new and positive to myself from now on! I hope you’re still doing this style for folks!

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