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  1. Ravengirl

    Watching the part about how the little girl was being teased in school made me cry. I remember going through the same thing that lead my sister and I to beg our mother into straightening our hair.
    I’m natural now and don’t see myself ever going back to relaxers (they were painful to get and I always ended up with scabs.) In the far future as it gets longer I might straighten it at least once, but I am learning to love the kinks and coils that grow from the top of my head. I hope these ladies will do so as well. 🙂

  2. Post

    This story really hit home for me I feel these women are so brave and are truly turning over a new leaf in their lives. I love the way that mother was being a role model for her baby….it was just so inspiring to watch.

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    Thanks so much for the heads up. Thats really creepy and they didn’t notify me but I guess I can take some relief in that they gave me credit and linked back to my site…this is part of the risk of putting one’s work “out there” I suppose. Thanks again for the heads up.

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  5. Shantel

    Hello, I have so many questions about natural hair! I have not gotten a relaxer in about a year and 4 months now but my hair has not completely grown out. I have been seeing a girl every two weeks who washed, blows out and presses my hair and it has been going well but my hair is not really growing and I have not gotten the opportunity to wear it out yet, I haven’t even really seen the texture of my hair because I only wash it when I go to her because in the initial stages it was too much for me to do on my own and it never came out well. Do you have any tips? And I would like to know where you are located in NYC I will make the trip if you can help with my hair! Thanks

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