Gorgeous Shoulder Length Permanent Loc Extensions

These are a set of loc extensions done on a beautiful young lady that requested they be permanent. Gorgeous locs for a Gorgeous lady! Check her out! The came out sooo lovely 🙂


Miscellaneous 02


Miscellaneous 004

Miscellaneous 05

Miscellaneous 06


Miscellaneous 07

Miscellaneous 08

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think.


In NYC and interested in getting this style done?

E-mail: LovelyLocs@BlackMasterPiece.com for appointments and additional info.


If you’d like to see more of my loc extension clients, click here.

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  1. TheresaMonet

    WOW! Those extensions really came out fabulous. That first after pic is HOT! BMP you don’t have a YouTube do you? You NEED to get one.

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  3. Madonna

    Hi Mona-Lisa,
    I am new to NYC and I have been looking for a stylist that does natural hair. Looking at your blog and some of your pics, I would like to talk with you some more and possibly set up an appointment for the dreadlock extensions. Please get in touch with me at the email above.


  4. Sir.Lloyd C. Kirkland

    I live in the Ny,Queens area and Im looking to get extensions put in. Please contact me with details on setting up an appointment with you. I really like your work. Please contact me asap. Thanks

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  6. rell

    i LOVE this look! im a natural too and would love to have the same hair style but i live in Albany GA and dont know where your located so just contact me by email thanks so much xoxo!!

  7. Sade

    Hey, I am desperate to get these extensions! Yours are the best I’ve seen. I live in the Bronx and I’m willing to come wherever you are to get it done. Please contact me by my email. Thanks!

  8. Shauna

    Hi, I live in the Bronx,NY. The last time i processed my hair was in August and i would like to know your location and how much you charge to do the extensions. Thanks!

  9. kathy

    I’m interested in getting loc extensions, have been for AWHILE…..i’ve been doing alot of research and looking for someone who knows what they are about..; so far i’ve found 2 people…. u and another who is in ATL… Ne way long story short…. EXactly where in Ny r u located…? ;and could u please give me a quote on what the price would be for just below shoulde length using human hair…. Fyi last October was the last time I relaxed my hair…
    eagerly awaiting your reply…

  10. Nicole Leslie

    I would like my hair done the right way!! I have locs but went to get them groomed after growing them out for 3years and she totally messed them up!! asked for them to be wrapped and got crap!! just wanted to know where you’re located and how much does it cost to get the loc extensions!! love your work!!

  11. KJoniel

    I’m very interested in getting some temporary loc extensions done.

    I love your work and would like to know how much the shoulder length will cost, how long it would take, what all I would need to bring.

    Keep up the great work! Looking forward to your reply.

    A natural hair lover!


  12. marsha eugene

    hiiii…i love the way these locs look i wanted to know the price??if it can be dyed if i choose permenant locs .. and i want to know if i get the extensions with my new growth coming in will i eventually be able to get rid of the extensions n it will just b my hair?where are you located ?Thanx so much !!!

  13. DELISE


  14. Ian Jones

    These extensions all look great and very natural. Often extensions can look over the top and artificial but these definitely don’t fall into this category. I do have some concerns about hair extensions however. I’ve heard that they can induce hair loss which can sometimes be permanent. I would also be worried about maintenance- is upkeep time consuming or difficult? I only ask because my daughter is keen to have extensions and I want to make sure I’m well informed before agreeing to her!

    1. Post

      Aww well its great to see a concerned papa! If loc extensions are installed professionally and properly, they will not induce hair loss, on the contrary, they’ll promote hair growth and thickness. Maintenance is spraying a leave-in whenever the mood strikes and retwisting the root every 2-3 months.

  15. jay

    i live in brooklyn..i had dreads before but cut them in 09 now am thinking of growing dem back.the only problem is my hair is short and i don’t know where to begin..seeing dis is building hope within me once more…

    1. Post

      Very glad to hear that this post gave you hope, you know what to do if you ever wanna take the plunge and be fully locd once again! 😉

  16. Abbas

    I have to agree that temporary extensions look much better. They should only be used for special nights like ones wedding. The bride in the photo looks absolutely stunning with these extensions – one has to admire her beauty. The extensions are absolutely gorgeous.

  17. tia

    i would like to have temporary dreads done are you in nyc.
    is it espensive. when can i get it done ,and how long dose it last.

  18. JH

    I have dreads already but I would like to add some hair to make them all same length and to just gain a little growth. Are you able to do this and if so how soon?

  19. Kimberly

    I would love to schedule a consultation or make an appt for temporary loc extensions sometime in the the next two weeks. Please let me know when you are available.


  20. Deborah Christopher

    Im interested in having permanent loc extensions put in around August. And I am impressed by how natural those locs look. Please email me more info regarding cost and maintenance. Also consultation availability.

  21. Arviette

    Hi.. Great work!! I’m getting my locs installed next month.. Very excited! I have a 10 yr old daughter who wants locs (she’s been asking for about 3 yrs). Her hair is fine and curly I just wonder how her hair will loc and what products will help it loc better/easier. Any suggestions?

  22. Jazz

    Good day, I think I emailed earlier, but don’t recall getting a reply. I am interested in scheduling an appointment for permanent loc extensions in the DC Metro/MD area. Kindly advise Thanks.

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