From Teeny Weenie to Big, Bodacious Fro!

I’m so proud of these Afro extensions I did on a beautiful young lady. She had a beautiful mini fro (we’re texture twins) and per her request, I simply amplified it and kicked it up a notch!

Now she’ll be able to rock her funky fro in style while all the while protecting her hair and retaining length.

Enjoy the Pics!


Afro Extensions By BlackMasterPiece 03

Afro Extensions By BlackMasterPiece 004

Afro Extensions By BlackMasterPiece 002

UnCut Kinky Extensions

Afro Extensions By BlackMasterPiece 005

The Finished Product: A Modern, Layered Angular Fro

Afro Extensions By BlackMasterPiece 007

Afro Extensions By BlackMasterPiece 008


Afro Extensions By BlackMasterPiece 06

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of this look!


In NYC and interested in getting this style done?

E-mail:Β ModernFro@BlackMasterPiece.comΒ for appointments and additional info.


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  1. Ravengirl

    Dang, I just bought some curly hair extensions to do box braids and now I want to try this instead…
    I love it. It looks awesome! I hope you don’t mind me asking but what brand and color is that hair?

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  4. Nixx

    You did a really, really good job! I really looks natural! I love how you did the base so that she could have a diagonal side part!!

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  7. rhonda

    i REALLY love this style! what brand hair did you use? any pros and cons? i would like to try this style one day. THANKS πŸ™‚

  8. Kris

    I NEED YOU!! You said in one of your other posts that if we were going to be in the NYC area, leave a comment. I will be around next month before Christmas and I would love to get crochet braids. I am so frustrated with my hair right now. I have been on the hair growing journey for a LONG time and I have made some progress, but not enough. Right now I am out of the country and I don’t have all my usual tools/products and my hair is suffering for it. I just want a style where I can still be cute while leaving the hair alone. This would be great because my hair would be in cornrows the whole time. Weaves don’t work for me and I have sworn off individual braids because the take down process alone takes forever. I don’t know if many of the african hair braiding places have caught onto this yet and I am too lazy to try to do it myself so if you are available, I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU DO IT :)))) Please let me know if you can. Feel free to email me anytime.

  9. megan adams

    Hey! Im loving your work!!! what city are you in, as Im interested in getting loc extensions. I m in Georgia. Thanks so much!!


  10. Julissa

    THIS IS WONDERFUL! I had a fro a bit shorter than the extensions a few weeks ago. Went for a trim and when the lady got too scissor happy, I ended up with a tiny fro which is cool, but I miss the length! I was growing it out for a reason =/ Great, great job here! I’m inquiring–an email was sent!

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  11. Urban Street Fruit

    Really like that look, is it human hair? Can you let me know about rates and availability in NYC.


  12. Sujey L

    Hey dear, I was looking for ideas about how to style my afro and I came across your master piece. OMG you so have to do my hair. What happen is that I had my big afro for about 8 years , somehow I wanted to change my look and shave my head, guuurr!!l, it was the wrong idea. Help me get my head full of hair again. I see you have a magic wand, just wand it up on me. I NEED HELP!

  13. Michele

    Just sent you an e-mail then came back to notice this post is from 3 years ago. I love your crochet work. I live in brooklyn and would love to set an appt asap. Please e-mail me when you have an opening (tomorrow would be great πŸ˜‰

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