The BlackMasterPiece Regimen for Permanently Colored Hair

BlackMasterPiece's New Summer Styles 039Hey all! So my regimen has significantly changed to ensure I stay ahead of the curve in terms of hair health. When my hair was virgin my regimen was super basic and my hair didn’t require much. To be frank I DC’d when the wind struck me and pretty much did whatever I wanted lol….but now I’ve stepped my game up to be sure that I still reach all my health and length goals color and all. So here is my new reggie:

– I co-wash much more and shampoo much less. I plan to shampoo maybe once a month or month and a half. I co-wash with Trader Joe’s Nourishspa.

– I make it my business to DC thoroughly with every wash. Its usually Lekair Shea Butter cholesterol with possibly some oil thrown in like olive oil. (I’m gonna start diversifying my moisture DC’s, I know yall tired a hearin bout LeKair lmao)

– I’m going to start a “student on a budget version of steaming” as well (dont worry I’ll post about it loves ;))

– I’ve already begun doing hardcore protien treatments every 6 weeks with Aphogee 2-step.

– If I straighten now, I use my new technique of air-drying in braids prior and eliminate the blow-drying step altogether and only flat iron…this has made a tremendous difference in reducing heat exposure and avoiding that burnt smell you get from having several forms of heat exposure to your hair.

– I’m going to begin doing clear rinses every month to seal the cuticle of my hair and encourage it to lay back down so that it retains moisture that much better.

– My hair is doing really well and feels strong and moisturized most times. As long as I stay on my p’s and q’s I think everything will go well with my hair.

Hope that helped!

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  1. Post

    yep, I have staple organic shampoos that I actually love, Trader Joe’s NourishSpa and Tea-Tree Tingle. They’re great and I’ve used them regularly with no issues…..but I try to introduce the maximum moisture and the gentlest cleansing method humanly possible now that my hair is colored 🙂

  2. Alexis

    Hey!! I love ur blog.. When are u getting that youtube channel lol? I need to see vids on ur styles. Question- what clear rinses and how do u do them? Thanks!

  3. Post

    Hey Alexis! Thanks for reading my blog, I’m about to do a straw set tutorial and I’m hoping to have that be one of my first vids! Wish me luck!

    Clear rinses are your standard BSS rinse except it comes in clear, its usually for the purpose of giving your hair shine, but it also encourages the cuticle to lay down, so thats very beneficial to color treated hair and can be done fairly often like every month.

    Hope that helped

  4. Amy Rose


    I wanted to ask you a question on your protein treatments with Aphogee’s 2-step. I recently bought a bottle of it and I was going to use it last Saturday but I was alarmed at how hard and sticky it made my hand while I was applying it on my mother’s texturized hair. I was wondering if you could go into detail on how you applied the Aphogee, because I was concerned that if I used it incorrectly, I’d cause unnecessary breakage to my hair. Thank you 🙂

  5. Post

    You shampoo your hair (dont condition) You apply the Aphogee, (I prefer to do this entire process while in small braids) your hair will get super hard as a rock (this is good, thats what its supposed to do) do your best to apply it thoroughly but as a quickly as you can because you do not want to agitate or touch the hair when it gets hardened.

    Once your hair is saturated with the product… go under the dryer in medium to high heat until there are no more damp wet spots and all your hair has dried/hardened and the protien has had a chance to strengthen the hair (the directions on the inside tab tell you everything you need to know) once you sat under the dryer for the recommended amount of time suggested in the directions tab, proceed to apply the balancing moisturizer (for me, it really does make a difference) then proceed to deep condition and your hair will be strong and supple in my experience. Before color, Aphogee wasn’t necessary for my hair, now that I have it it really restores my hair’s natural strength, thickness and resilience.

    I hope you and your mom have a great experience!

  6. Jamie Williams

    Hey, I love this natural look, I myself like to wear natural looks similar to that one. My question is what is the name of the hair dye you have applied to your hair. I really have been wanting to put blonde in my hair but scared my hair will come out, but yours seems perfectly healthy. I also have an olive oil relaxer in my hair, will the dye damage my hair with the relaxer on it?

  7. Post

    Hmmm thats a toughie Jamie, what you’re talking about there is a double process and that can be really tricky. I would say if you’re really sure you want to go through with the color, first, be sure that your hair is in excellent condition prior. Then, try doing it with Clairol Luminize gentle conditioning lightener. It only lightens the hair one level per appication and its very gradual. Just make sure you’re ready to be on your p’s and q’s in terms of conditioning and caring for your hair from that point on.

    The color in my hair is LOGICS Professional hair color, its great but its not available in stores. I recommend AVEDA or Clairol Luminize.

  8. Jamie Williams

    okay thank you so much. I have heard you have to take care of your hair while you have color in it but im confident my hair is in good condition. If I go with the Clairol Luminize gentle conditioning lightner, how much or how many times can I apply it to my hair within time periods to lighten it more?

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  10. Pauline

    I am transitioning to natural hair and am in need of a protective style. I like yours lol . Will you help?

  11. David Felane

    “- If I straighten now, I use my new technique of air-drying in braids prior and eliminate the blow-drying step altogether and only flat iron…this has made a tremendous difference in reducing heat exposure and avoiding that burnt smell you get from having several forms of heat exposure to your hair.”

    It looks awesome but don’t you thing that all this drying will damage your hair?

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