Flexi-Rods on My Pressed Hair, I’m in LOVE!

So I did my new straightening technique and my hair was perfectly straight leaving the house but the humidity had plans of its own so my hair reverted a bit during the day.

My new go-to for reverted pressed hair? Flexi Rods! Put those sucka’s in (taught to tight) over night or even for a full day and I PROMISE you your hair will go right back to silky and front like nothin ever happened lol its great. All I used was extra virgin coconut oil.

(Put more rods then pictured here….put 10 ideally)

Miscellaneous 07

These are pics immediately after taking the flexi rods out

Miscellaneous 050

Miscellaneous 051

This is when it had a chance to loosen


Miscellaneous 066

Miscellaneous 063

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  1. Post

    Thanks hun! I’m really loving it, this set lasted me a good week. I’m gonna do it again tonight…its the best 🙂

    BTW, how are the loc extensions doing?

  2. Candice

    OMG….I love your hair..u r such an inspiration to me. I won’t lie for about 5 secs I was considering to get a relaxer agin, but thank GOd for your post. Natural hair all the way for me Baby!! You look Awesome, and are a true testament to Get it GIRL!!

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  4. Post
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  6. Amy Rose

    Wow! Those curls are gorgeous! The shine of those girls, especially in the second picture, had me just in awe. You really inspire me to stay in my natural hair journey! Thanks so much 🙂

  7. Post

    You really inspire me to stay in my natural hair journey! Thanks so much 🙂

    Amy, thats the best compliment anyone can pay me, thats why I do all this! So happy to hear that 🙂

    That coconut oil gives shine like no other!

  8. caligirl2385

    i absolutley ADORE your hair in these pictures – color & style! thank you so much for posting this. you are such an inspiration!!

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  10. Kiana

    Gorgeous hair! How often do you press? I’m thinking of trying a light press and curl every week. Do you think that’s too often? My hair seemed to grow quickly when I washed weekly with a relaxer, but I’ve only been washing every 3 weeks with press and curl.

    1. Post

      Thanks alot Kiana, as for how often you wash, I personally think thats definitely too infrequent, I feel its best when hair is washed weekly or every 2 weeks. Lately, I’ve been avoiding heat and it has been good for my hair. I’ve been doing braid-outs. Its the hot and humid summer time so theres really no point to straightening. I would do a press and curl like every month or so, other then that, I try to incorporate as many air dry styles as I can.

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