The Much Awaited Pix of My New BOLD Hair Color!!

Hey guys! I wont beat around the bush at all. I’m getting straight to the good stuff! Here’s My new BOLD hair color! I love it!

Deeeeeeeepppp Conditioning Immediately once I got home

Fresh New Looks 008

Fresh New Looks 009

Texture still very much in tact

Fresh New Looks 011

Did some flat twists because I *thought* I was gonna do a flat twist out

Fresh New Looks 013

Ended up Blowing it Out instead to get the same volume and length as the Afro Weave

Fresh New Looks 033

Fresh New Looks 035

Fresh New Looks 040

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  1. Brit

    IT’s cuuute!! I bet it’s gonna be BAD when you straighten your hair…. LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes btw =) Where’d ya get em?

  2. Post

    @ mel: Thanks luv!

    @ kay: thanks! I really like i too 😉

    @ Sasha: I absolutely love it. It felt dry directly after the color but after I DC’d overnight with cholesterol and EVOO my hair felt really good. Now that its straightened it feels really smooth and nice…I just added some evco and my hair is doing great. The next thing I’ll be doing is getting a slight trim…and Aphogee 2-step.

    @ Brit: Thanks! I already did straighten my hair and its outta this world! Getting compliments all over the place….lotsa fun. Regarding the shoes…they’re def one of my faves. I got them last year on

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  4. Post

    Nope. This is some LOGICS permanent hair color on my head. It was expensive, but my hair is doing very well and is still strong. I just make sure to do a hard-core protien deep condition every 6 weeks, regularly deep condition and seal the cuticle with a cold rinse, limit heat and moisturize. I’m also gonna start steaming.

    My hair is actually doing great and feeling great. I’m really happy with it since I’ve wanted color for so long and I love the way it makes me stand out 🙂

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