Tree Braids Using Brazilian Curl Hair!

Tree Braids was a protective style I’d been looking forward to tackling for some time now. My mom didn’t want any straight hair or loose curls…she definitely wanted kinky or curly….so we decided to use Brazilian braid hair in Auburn and Brown and it came out absolutely spectacular.

One thing I love about the technique of tree braiding is that it provides a much smoother flatter finish then other techniques making the extension hair appear to be the persons own naturally growing hair that much more.

Let me know what you think of the look! Here are the pix 😉

Mommys Tree Braids 002

Mommys Tree Braids 005

Mommys Tree Braids 006

Mommys Tree Braids 007

Mommys Tree Braids 008

Mommys Tree Braids 012

**If you’re interested in getting this style done, e-mail me at or leave a comment below to be contacted with additional information**

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  1. Ashley

    Man I love it, your mom is so pretty, black don’t crack lol. What brand of hair is this?, I want to try it with crochet braids.

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  3. Jozze

    WOW BMP you are so talented! Your Mum’s hair looks amazingly natural and she’s absolutely lovely to boot! If you ever come to the UK let me know because I’d love to try this as a protective style.:D

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    @ Kay: Thanks!

    @ Jozze I will definitely inform you lovely readers should I ever travel to the UK….I probably wont be able to shut up about it when I do go lol

    @ Alex: Thanks so much for the compliment and checking out my blog! 😉

  5. LL

    I’d like to know where she got her hair done. What state? What was the cost? Are there multiple locations in different states? Is the gentleman who is in the picture the actual one who did the work?

  6. luckykis

    if u can contact me with more information that would be wonderful. where are u located? pricing? is that human hair? im going on vacation and well be doing some swimming is this a good style that would hold up?

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  8. West

    Hey your tree braids came out so nice and your mom looks so beautiful!
    I would like to know wher you are located and how much would that cost to get done? Are you in a sshop or do you work out of your home? How many packs of that type of hair would you need and how long does it take?

    Thanks so much for your time in advance!

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  10. Krystin

    Hey hun.. love the Treebraids matter a fact love the photo’s. Natural for a year and two months so far so good. First and foremost *crosses finger* I sincerely hope you live in the Tri-state area I need a natural stylist ASAP. The hair color is *applause* amazing contemplating coloring it myself I’m so scared. Saw your site posted on LHCF and someone posted a link on curlformers in the natural section of BHM. Regardless enjoyed reading your blog.. if possible please send contact info. Thanks a bunch. Have an excellent week.

  11. liz

    So recently discovering your website was a blessing! I’ve been wanting tree braids for some time, but it didn’t quite work out like I wanted. So although I’d really like to try the crochet braids out, I’d love to know more about your prices for tree braids. Also, would you be willing to teach? Like I said in the other post, I really would like to learn how to style my own hair. It’s long overdue.

  12. NFATA

    OMG this is absolutely fabulous. do u know what colors the auburn and brown r..i know brown is color 4 but not sure of auburn? and how many packs did ur fabulous mum use…i’m really lovin’ this hair!

  13. estella charles

    love it, I want to do my hair for some time with tree braids,but dont know where, please let me know where I can do my hair.

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  15. Jennifer J

    Hi Mona-Lisa!

    Your mom is beautiful! Looking to get tree braids done for myself, live in Bk, NY. Do you anyone? I want to get it done asap, Thanks!

  16. Danielle

    I love your work!!! It looks so naturally beautiful! Can you hook me up? I live in NY, email me cause I really want to get my hair done before Valentines day 🙂

  17. danielle

    Do u know anyone in the Nashville, TN area that can do these….most people i’ve asked have never heard of tree braids

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  19. simone

    I’ve become a fan of treebraids & they are an awesome form of protective hair styles. I got the same style hair with treebraids but the brand was Model Model. As beautiful as it looked, the hair often got tangled & matted & even the lady doing my hair didn’t want me to get it anymore. I noticed you used Freetress. Is that less of a hassle & how you do maintain the tangles & such?

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