Shoulder Length Lovely Loc Extensions

These are a lovely set of loc extensions done on a beautiful young lady named Iriane. She opted to have them be shoulder length and it was a great decision….they’re absolutely beautiful and so natural. Let me know what you think of her look!

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In NYC and interested in getting this style done?

E-mail: for appointments and additional info.


To view more of my work with loc extensions, click here.

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  1. asha

    That is a great style, I’ve been wanting to have the look of dreads but not ready to commit to them. How is this style done? Can you direct me to a tutorial or will you make a tutorial of how you did this? I live thousands of miles away from NYC.

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  3. Lovely


    I think her hail looks beautiful with and without locs.

    I currently wear my hair natural. When blown dried it falls about 2 inches below my shoulders. I would like to get loc extensions aded.

    Questions: Can I have loc extensions if my natural hair is long? Once loc extensions are in can I remove them and go back to wearing my natural hair? What is the cost to add length to have the locs fall midway my back close to my waist? How long does it takes to install? Where are you located so I can come in for a free consultation to discuss this further?

    thank you

  4. AnnMarie

    Hi doll,

    i love the way this looks. i chopped off my hair last year and now have thick natural hair around shoulder length. i definitely do not want to transition to locs but would this be a good protective style for around 2 to 3 months like if i got any other braid extension? how much are your rate for locs similar to hers? hope to hear from you soon.

    all the best,


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  6. Isake

    I have been looking for a place that will do affordable loc extensions! My locs fall a little below my shoulders, but I cut them into layers a few years ago, and they are now very uneven. What would be the cost of evening them out?

  7. LaToya

    Hi BMP! Long time no see. I am interested in extensions but feel my hair is too long for my annual microbraids. Locs have always looked good to me; plus I can fool people (j/k)! Can these dreadloc extensions be taken out? I don’t mean with a needle…I mean can you just take them down like any regular extension? What is the pricing like for the process? What kind of hair to buy and where?? Thanks in advance.

    Update: I am now mixing pure shea butter (2 tsp) & a little castor oil & evco into my conditioners per wash and it leaves my hair soft when I airdry. I use the cholesterol shea or trader joes for now as the base cond. The naked conditioner on my hair ended up drying hard (believe it or not).

  8. Post

    that sounds like a great mixture latoya! It really is a great way to air-dry.

    Yes loc extensions can be taken down no problem. I’ll e-mail you with the details! 🙂

  9. virtuenow

    Thanks BMP, this is Virtuenow from lhcf (in the above post), I meant to use my regular signon name. We shared some dialogue about conditioners/4b hair- on lhcf & here a few months back. That was my update- I am satisfied for now w/my conditioner+shea butter/evco mix. Anyhoo, thanks for answering all my q’s

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  11. Kadain

    Hi i’m intrigued by these loc extensions! How long do they take to put in? What’s the cost to add shoulder length locs to my natural hair? Can I wash my hair with the locs in? Are they easy to take out?

  12. Tiffany


    I Am interested in getting loc extensions
    And would like to know if they can be kept permanently ? How much it costs and what is maintenance? I also have other questions:) thank u

  13. Bree

    I really love your work. How much for loc extensions ? What’s the ideal hair and please give me the name so that I can get it. How long does I take with the human hair? Can you make my extensions permanent? How much? I’m so Sykes. Can’t wait for ur reply.

    1. Joe

      I got dread loc extentions and they look real bad. I don’t think the guy knew what he was doing. I want to take them out and go back with my normal hair. They have been in for one week.


  14. Starr

    Hi Mona-Lisa,

    I really like the work you’ve done in the pictures. The hair you used, has a nice shine to it and looks very soft and the loc sizing in the photo is very nice. I am currently growing out a relaxer (its been 4 months now), having had short haircuts for a few years. I have about two inches of new growth on top of my head to about an inch at the base of my neck. I am looking to have loc extensions in permanently .A few questions for you:

    Would I be a candidate for loc extensions and if so what is your price range?
    Where are you located?
    How much hair did you need to use on the model?

    Thanks much

  15. KImberly

    Hello….I currently have loc extensions. They are 4 months old. I want to take them down soon. But Im unsure of how to do it. Im taking them down to keep from having to get my edges rewrapped because of thinning. It hasnt thinned because of the locs yet, but because I naturally have thin edges…even with my fro.

    What technique is used to take them down. It seems as the hard part will be the very beginning of the extension where it was originally attached. The remainder of the extension seems as if it will slide off.

  16. Post

    Hey Kimberly, were these loc extensions done by me? I can only really guide someone on how to takedown locs installed using my techniques……

  17. Cee

    Hi Mona Lisa,

    great blog. I guess I have the same questions as those already stated before:
    – how much does it cost to install shoulder length extensions?
    – can extensions be added to already matured locks?
    – how long does it take to install the extensions?
    – can I keep the extensions forever or should I take them down after a while? If yeah, after how long?

  18. Jai

    These look so nice on her and are my favorite out of the loc extensions I’ve seen you post. Where are you exactly? How much for extensions like hers (maybe a little shorter and a shade thinner)? Is it possible to have them thinner and work out because every picture and video I’ve seen thus far on various websites has them about this thickness if not thicker.

    I love your blog and how much you have grown. Your hair is beautiful. Send me a message on my concerns and hopefully we can work something out. And thanks for the calamine lotion tip. I’m going to try it since nothing has worked thus far, dermatologists and all :-/

  19. malika

    i have dreads extension and shoulder length but want to make a little way past my boobs. would you be interested in doing it for me please?

  20. Yvei

    Hi. great website
    A few questions please….
    I would love long loc extensions.
    Can they be permanent?
    My hair is very thin at top…. Slightly bald. I keep my hair wrap in turban. Im sure I will probably keep my crown covered…. But would love to let my hair hang.
    Pls…. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  21. Malikah


    I basically have the same questions as everyone else:

    Where are you located?
    What type of hair do i need to do this?
    How much to do it shoulder length?
    Once loc extensions are in can I remove them and go back to wearing my natural hair?
    How long does it takes to install?
    How much is the hair and how much is the maintenance?

    Thanks for your help!

  22. LaShayla Logan

    I am interested in a consultation. Could you email me back and let me know your location, starting fees, etc..?Thanks!

  23. Avionne Bruno

    This is sooo coool…I always wanted ras but didn’t want to go through the “ugly stage”
    Where are you located?
    What is your price to do shoulder length loc extensions?
    What is the price of the hair?
    How long does the hairstyle take?

  24. Mariss

    I have slightly below chin length natural hair and have been debating on if I should get locs or not. I like the idea of extensions to try it out and if I love them I will keep the permanently. How much would it cost for shoulder length and how much for bra strap length?

  25. TweetyKCH1

    I am loving this look and style! I need help! I’m at the ugly stagewith my locks!! I want permanant extensions of that style, slightly smaller but that style. I’d like to know the cost and everything else. I am in the Boogie Down… Please contact me as soon as you can. I cant stand my hair right now…

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  26. Bliss

    I need your services……i want this look. Please contact me and let me know your prices. I want shoulder or longer length. Pleaseeeee contact me. I have been natural for about 4 yrs and I want to stop cutting my hair and let it grow.

    1. Post

      Absolutely, this style can function as a great no maintenance protective style to give you and your hair a break, then when you want your hair to be loose again, you just take em down. I’ll shoot you over an e-mail as well.

  27. Alayah Glenn

    Hello Mona-Lisa! I’m a college student who is interested in experimenting with my hair. Loc extensions have always been something I’ve wanted for a temporary change of style; but I’m nervous about the possibility of not having my thick natural hair back when (if I can) I take them out. Will my hair loc permanently with the loc extensions if I keep them in for 2-3 months? Will I automatically get thinning because of the process? Thanks for your help!

  28. Jeannae Lawrence

    Hi I absolutely love your work!!! I want to start my loc journey and think this length would be great for me… what type of hair did you use and could you give me some info on how to maintain them once they are in?

  29. Alexandra

    Hello ! I am interested in getting loc extensions, and my hair is currently in an afro (about the same length as your client’s before pic above). How many inches of human hair would I have to buy to have mine longer than hers (about just below my shoulder blades) ? Also how many packs or ounces of hair is required to cover my whole head ?

    1. Post

      Hey Alexandra, that depends on several factors, the client, the length of their hair, the density of their hair, the size of their head and how long they want the locs to name a few factors. I couldn’t really tell you what you’d need without actually seeing you for a consultation/styling you. Sorry about that, best of luck to you.

  30. O

    Hi there,
    I’m really interested in your technique. How/where can I contact you for further details and a visit so that I can get an accurate price quote as well as hours it would take etc?

    I live in NYC and am interested in having my hair done for the new year – so asap really:)


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  32. Joi

    I am in the process of transitioning to natural hair. I’ve had every type of braid and twist you can imagine. But I want something different, I want to be unique. I haven’t big chopped yet. I have a couple of questions such as;
    -Are the loc extensions removable, and if so, how long can they be maintained before they begin to loc your own hair?
    -Can permed ends/hair be used while doing loc extensions?
    -Is the maintenance hard work ?
    -I imagine that it would be expensive to begin the loc extensions, but is it expensive to maintain them as well?
    -Where are you located?
    -Do you know of any people that are good at producing loc extensions in other states?
    -Do they do loc extensions in salons?
    -Are loc extensions began from braids/twists or from locs themselves?
    -How much do you charge?
    -Is this a very versatile style?

  33. B'lane Daly


    I would really like loc extensions on my current dreadlocks and want to make an appointment for this weekend if possible.

    -B’lane Daly

  34. Nandy

    I’m really interested in getting dred lock extensions. My hair is all natural and about shoulder length. I’d like to get the locs to be around arm pit length. Can you quote me a price? Also how long can I leave this style in without my real hair locing? Thanks!

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