Just Call Me a Fiery Red Head

Welcome to my bold, colorful Sabina Karlsson inspired look!

I absolutely adore it and will be returning to this look regularly. I blowdried my hair throughly on hot and high and braided my hair down in this pattern:

BlackMasterPieces New Summer Styles 005

BlackMasterPieces New Summer Styles 006

Fluffed each piece out and attached the hair and Voila!

BlackMasterPieces New Summer Styles 068

BlackMasterPieces New Summer Styles 042

BlackMasterPieces New Summer Styles 049

BlackMasterPieces New Summer Styles 050

I used Marley braid hair. On myself I simply did them as crochet braids….on someone else I would do a combination of tree braids along the hair line and crochet in the rest.

The maintenance is almost non-existent with this style, I clip it up when I’m going into the shower (no shower cap) and I just lift one side lay my head down and go to sleep at night (no scarf).

At first it was a bit of a shock because I didn’t expect it to come out so light. But I grew to appreciate it. When I went to the city on Monday all I got were rave reviews, men showering compliments and questions on just how I pulled this off.

I really feel like this may be “my color” and I will go for this color combo with my real hair in the near future.

Let me know what you think about the color, the shape the size….anything! Thanks for reading guys.


In NYC and interested in getting this style done?

E-mail:Β GlamFro@BlackMasterPiece.comΒ for appointments and additional info.


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  2. BedStuyNatural

    This is really awesome and a great idea. How do you go this light without damage? I went this light in February and am paying DEARLY for it now. Chopped off about 8 inches, am nursing my poor hair which is full of splits, breaking and thinned out. Fortunately, my unprocessed hair is growing in nicely. I LOVE the red but, I’m terrified.

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    Thanks BedStuynatural. This is extension hair so I didn’t color my own hair.

    I think you can go this light with your own hair using Aveda color without significant damage. But you do have to take really good care of your hair after coloring and do regular deep conditionings. I wanted to use the Clairol Luminize but they don’t seem to have it at any of the Beauty Supplies I frequent so I’m thinking I might just suck it up and go to the salon to get some top notch Aveda color….I’m still figuring things out….we shall see…

    @ mel: thank you so much hun!

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  5. Post

    I left it folded in half and cut off like 3 inches from the ends….next time itll be just 2 inches………I’ll make it even bigger….closer to my real hair.

  6. nne.b

    I like this! Can you do a tutorial?

    So you just did crochet braids with Marley hair? I find that the Marley hair gets tangles so easily. How did you do with maintenance?

  7. ohsvelte1

    This looks so nice on you. I think I might be interested in a style like this for my hair. Could you send me some more information about the braiding techniques you would use and the prices? Thanks!

  8. P-Riv

    I love love love love this hairstyle!!!!! When and where can I get this? How much does it cost? I live in North Plainfield, NJ is the place close by?

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  10. DEE

    How did you cover the tracks? I just did crochet and the parts are so far apart that it doesn’t look nice. I guess I have to braid the hair smaller next time so they be close together.

  11. Post

    @ Dee: You mean the braids/knots right? because there were no tracks to cover. I simply made sure that any space that was visible to me with the naked eye, was filled in with a piece of afro kinky hair. Yea, I think it will help tremendously to keep the braids close together πŸ˜‰

  12. Barbie

    I love this style!!! I was just wondering how exactly did you ”fluff” each piece out did you comb the hair out? How many packs of hair did you use at what price?

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  14. Rhonda

    Mona I really enjoy reading your blog! I would love to get this style done by you but i live way too far. Can you please send me info about the hair and how you took care of it? How long did this style last? It might become my staple [: THANK YOU and keep up the great work. you’re very talented!

  15. Allison

    This style is lovely! I was looking to get something very similar to this done, but I was wondering;

    1) Could this look be achieved with Jumbo Kanekalon Braiding hair?


    2) Would you be able to get this style wet?

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  17. nj

    please i’d like to have my hair done in the dreadlock style. My hair is up to 4inches and all natural. I would also like to have your number, location and costs. do you provide the braids or do i have to come with mine. also, how easy is it to remove. Is this something i will be able to remove by myself when it is old – without any fustration or does it require coming back to you to be removed? Please reply. Many Thanks. NJ

  18. E.j

    it looks gorgeous! what color is that? 30? 350? I want to get your exact color for the summer. Also, what brand was the hair?

  19. akiyia

    I was looking for some nice crochet styles with marley braiding weave To do on Myself; And I just happen to stumble across this post!
    I sooo Love it!
    Thanks for the tip about tree braiding 1st then crocheting.
    This looks so cute on you.
    No more looking for hairstyles I have
    my Next one now. Thanks for this Post!

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  21. Kem

    hey! i absolutely luv yr hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how did u get it done? is it braids or weave? i am about to do marley braids but i want it to look as natural as yours.

  22. A'jaΓ©

    I know this is an older post, but I stumbled across it! Your hair is so cute! I just recently did some Marley Braids (for the second time) and I love them! I’ve never done them shorter, but I’m definitely gonna try it!

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  23. Mariam

    How many packs of Marley braiding hair did you use for your entire head? it looks great by the way!! I’m thinking I want to get this style except as braids, like braiding to the length of my hair and leaving the rest out. If I wanted to get it done at a salon what is this style called?

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      Hey Mariam thanks! πŸ™‚ It was about 3-4 packs I think. I guess you could just describe to them the style you want, they should be able to catch on.

  24. Amanda


    I have been thinking of doing crochet hair braiding for a while now. I happened to come across your blog online and was hoping you could help me with a couple of questions I have. I’m attending a college that is 5 hours away from my home so I was wondering if this hairstyle will last a while, along with being easy to maintain? Does it get knotted up easily or at all? Would you recommend Marley Hair as being the best hair to use? And does it cause any damage to your hair after being removed? Oh and I also wanted to try the color you had or something a little lighter because I want something new; what do you think? I’m sorry this is so long but it would be great if you could answer these questions.

  25. Cassie

    Yo! my gurl ur hair look madd! It sell off!! It just look so nice! I had to shout u out really quick πŸ™‚ do the thing!

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  26. Dani Wilson

    Lovely! I’m doing two-tone color and I like the blend of 4/27/30. I didn’t want to color my natural hair (which is a 1b color), so I will just try the combo and see how it works out for me.

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      GREAT idea, don’t be crazy like me and actually color your own natural hair, have all the fun with the weave hair until the fancy passes lol.

  27. mars

    Um hi I live n Denver Co and I was just wondering could this style work with the circular braiding technic and/or the straight back.oh and can I use the kinky braiding hair because I can’t find the bob market hair and the kinky twisting hair looks.like the one u have in ur hair that hair.style is Amazing and email me as soon as possible thx

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      Yes this style could work with the circular braiding technique, but I would prefer straight back. Yes kinky braiding hair would work with this.

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      Yes I cut the hair in half. To make it more full all you’d have to do is add more hair to the braids then I did. I think ‘m gonna make this into a custom wig. Its definitely one of my all time faves.

        1. Kay

          Hello Jay,

          Was just wondering if you ever heard from or got in contact with Mona-Lisa? I’m trying to get my locs going as well and I don’t want to go to anyone but her

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