From Loose Natural Hair, to Long Locs!

Sharing a lovely set of loc extensions I recently did on a beautiful woman named Nneka! She got them about Bra-Strap length with some subtle copper highlights here and there. It couldn’t be more flattering if we tried! Here are the pix! Enjoy loves!

Let me know what you think of her look!

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In NYC and interested in getting this style done? 

E-mail: for appointments and additional info.


To view more of my loc extension clients, click here.

Share your thoughts on the style by leaving a comment! 😉

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  1. FindingMe

    Girl! Those are flyyy! You are SOOO talented. I wished I lived in NYC area so I could get you to do my hair!

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  3. Zee

    Hey, I randomly came across your site and I’m thinking about getting loc extensions. I live in NYC ( queens actually) and I just wanted to get an idea of how much you charge. I want this as a temp style but I think I’m gonna use human hair. If you can send me a message when you are free about cost, what I need to bring and how long it will take. Oh yeah, I want them sorta long ( about the same lenght as the pic above)

    Thanks in advance

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  5. Cheree

    Hello. These are beautiful. Do you have to permanently loc your hair when you do this style, or can they be taken down like regular braids? Also, can you email me your prices and let me know how long this style takes?


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  7. Ola

    What I think of her look? I want it! NOW! Pls let me know where to reach you. I live in the NYC area and would like to get my hair done like that but shorter. Please send me an email with your prices and duration and your availability. Thanks

  8. pepette

    Beautiful work indeed ! I’m thinking of permanently locking my hair with the extension… Can u plz email me with location price and the amount of time process takes

  9. Hattie

    Hey I love, love(!!!!!) these loc extensions. Could you tell me what your process is for this type of style? Is it permanent? And how much do you charge? Also where are you located?
    I currently have loose natural hair and would like to try loc extensions.

  10. Lisa

    Mona-Lisa –
    Please help !! I am so dying to lock my hair. I began the process and it is not working out. My hair is too fine. Can you call me for an appointment to see if I can get lock extentions. Thank You ..

    Lisa Lee
    718-949-6514 / home
    516-643-2675 / cell


    I looked at the site and have started the process of locking my hair. The transition of having all of my hair cut off has been difficult, I am interested in getting my hair done to give me some length. What can you do and how much would it cost for me to do so?

  12. shawna

    Hey mona,i want nneka style.same everything.i love it.i live in nyc.i want it wats the cost cuz im in a tight crunch right noww.thanks

  13. Rachon

    Hi my name iis Rachon and I would like Loc Extensions. I saw your work and its beautiful. I want my loc to come down to my shoulder. can you email some info. On your location. I know you’re in NY. I’m in MD. Thank You in advance.

  14. JD 2 B

    I’m interested in getting loc extensions done in a similar style. Could you please quote me a price for bra-length locs using synthetic hair and bra length locs using human hair? Also, where is your location? Im in Newark Nj

  15. kathy

    I’m interested in getting loc extensions, have been for AWHILE…..i’ve been doing alot of research and looking for someone who knows what they are about..; so far i’ve found 2 people…. u and another who is in ATL… Ne way long story short…. EXactly where in Ny r u located…? ;and could u please give me a quote on what the price would be for just below shoulde length using human hair….
    eagerly awaiting your reply…

  16. Kara


    I love your work and would LOVE to get my loc extensions done by you. I’m curious… can synthetic loc extensions be permanent? If so, is the new growth retwisted with the loc extension? Please email me. 🙂

  17. Lea

    The pics of your work look amazing! I have been contemplating getting loc extensions for awhile now. I would want them to be permanent, a little past shoulder length, and done with human hair. Please let me know how much this may cost & your exact location. Patiently waiting (LOL)
    Lots of LOVE. Thank you

  18. Janice

    Your work is amazing. I have been looking online at pictures of other stylists work and yours seem to look the most realistic and may i add beautifully done. I would love to have my hair done by you. I would like them to be a little long, maybe reaching mid of my shoulder blade. Can you please send me a price quote and availability? Thank you so much.

  19. Rose

    I already have lots, they are past my shoulders. The reason I want loc extensions is because they are thin and keep breaking so I actually want my locks thickened and evened out. Do you do that? How much will it be? Do u have blonde hair my locks are blond.

  20. Neka

    I live in Virginia, but I’m willing to travel ASAP to get my lock extentions. I’ll email u too! Great work, been looking locally for 6mths

  21. Asia

    hello i love your work i am very interested in type of style how much do you charge for mid back length and do you also sell hair would hate to get hair in the beauty supply store that’s horrible quality

  22. Mariah hutton

    So in your comment on your website black master piece the one we’re u did Malibu’s hair and it was synthetic….in the frequently asked questions u said u u could keep the temporary and permanent lock extensions in as long as u want….well I am African American I went into the shop about six months ago now. I asked for permanent loc extensions she did the wrapping technique but with synthetic hair but I asked for human hair ..she said this was the best hair texture that we have for my hair…and she used afro kinky curly expression hair…which is a great match especially now that I’m have re twisted it… it looks really natural and nice now. But I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos and they say not to keep the temporary dreadlock extensions and especially if there’s synthetic. But you said that you could and I was just wondering if that’s still true or no because I really like them a lot and I don’t want to take them out the lady at the shop that I could keep them in permanently also I just need a little reassurance from a professional hair stylist that my hair will be just fine if I can if I want to keep them internally. My hair is doing very well and it’s locking it looks really nice I like my Locs and I want to know what you think.

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