Crochets in a Layered Curly-Fro Style

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share some of my latest work. This time we used freetress bohemian curl hair in 4/30. She wanted it shorter so I did this beautiful layered curly fro look for her which she loved. The copper highlights looked absolutely stunning on her we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Anywhoo here are the pix! lemme know what you think! I just ADORE the layers.

In the Process of attaching

Latest Extension Sensations 005

All Done!

Latest Extension Sensations 006

Side Profile

Latest Extension Sensations 007

How it looks from the Back

Latest Extension Sensations 008

Isn’t she lovely?

Latest Extension Sensations 009

Latest Extension Sensations 010

Latest Extension Sensations 011

*Anyone in the NYC area interested in getting this style done please e-mail me at to be contacted with additional info*

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  1. Regine

    Hola BMP,

    I love this protective style. I am new to the city and I’m so glad I stumbled onto this website. What luck! I live in NYC and was wondering if I could make an appt for crochet braids w/ Freetress water wave hair and how soon it could be. Thanks in advance. Regine

  2. Lisa

    OMG! im so glad I found this site again after losing it…I loved the crochet braids that you had & I just wanted to know if you still do them. I only ask b/c I noticed you havent posted in awhile but I really really love them & would love to try them out.

  3. Alyssa

    Hey! Just checked out a lot of your blog and I love your work! I am looking to go natural and am living in NYC. Please email me asap as I’d love to discuss with you my options. I am very interested in tree braids. Thanks so much!

  4. Ny

    I live in NJ would love to get this style done! where are you located? and what is the price and hair and so on. Thanks so much

  5. Lisa

    I am so obsessing over this hairstyle. I love your work and am so glad I found your blog (for myself and others). I have been natural for years — I almost have no choice as I have a form of alopecia that would behoove me to lay off chemicals. With all the hair that you have, you can’t imagine some of the depression that someone like me can fall into. I am limited in what I can do with what I have. So when I see something that I think might work for me, I get excited. (Thank you for your entry telling us sisters to be thankful for the hair that we have.) Anyway, I’m a NYer, and would love to have this style. Please respond and stay blessed.

  6. Janine

    I JSUT LOVE THIS STYLE! I have natural hair similiar to this texture about chin length in the front and longer in the back, ive been unable to do anything with it and have been tempted to cut it until I stumbled upon this style and now your website.
    I an in NYC, please contact me in regards.

  7. DJ

    Beautiful work! I’m looking to achieve this exact style. Please email me with details, such as price and location in NYC. Thanks!

  8. Kyoto Cotton

    Greetings!!! I’ve stumbled upon your page searching for another protective style for my virgin hair. I LOVE your work!!! Please let me know if you’re still doing them…if so I would love to know the pricing and what your availability is like. Thankyou!

  9. Diahann

    I am interested in getting my daughter’s hair done in the curly style. Where are you located and do you still do the crochet styles.

    1. Post
  10. Theresa McMillian

    I would like to get this hair style! My hair is in a short boy cut, but I think it can be blow dryed to a length for cornrows. How much is it? What are your appointments like? Theresa M.

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