Look of the Day: The Half-Fro with off the shoulder Mini Dress

I really loved my look at a lounge I went to last night. I was rocking a big and fierce half-fro (an afro pinned to the side). I was wearing a form fitting off the shoulder wine colored mini dress with snake-skin lace up heels. I thought it was pretty cute if I do say so myself.

Check it out! Lemme know what you think 😉

The Fabulous Naturals of Blue Owl 016

The Fabulous Naturals of Blue Owl 024

The Fabulous Naturals of Blue Owl 025

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  1. Brittney

    So cute!!!! I love the hair most of all. I can’t wait until I’m FINALLY natural so I can do something like this (if I can pull it off… my hair seems to flop more than stand up… :(…)

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  3. Post
  4. Bb

    Hi, not sure where to put this. I read old posts where you said you stretched your hair out in plaits, then blowdryed straight -w/o letting it kink up first, so the outcomes better? My hair’s relaxed but v underprocessed (texlaxed), so when I detangle then leave it for literally a few minutes, it retangles! Do you take the plaits out after you wash it, then blowdry straight away? Your hair is just BEAUTIFUL here btw. You have a banging figure too lol.

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