Dreadlock Extensions: Some of My Best Work Yet!

As you all know, I love creating fresh new protective styles that let you stay fabulous while you protect your strands and retain length. I quickly fell head over heels in love with the idea of doing temporary dreadlock extensions that look 100% legit as a protective style.

After doing tons of research for tutorials on youtube I found most of them pretty lacking and more geared towards nubian twists; which are really nice looking, but look super shiny and pretty blatantly fake. So I took small tips from several tutorials but when I got down to it I found that I had to come up with my own techniques for this style and thats just what I did!

This was my first attempt at loc extensions and it was a raving success. I was really happy with the results and did them to be removable.

My friend Makini is having an absolute blast with them she washes almost every day. Her hair is completely protected and surrounded by the extension hair so she’s not concerned with her hair rubbing against anything and drying out. She even has the freedom to sleep with her hair fully loose if she likes. Β The pix are next followed by the FAQ’s and their answers enjoy! πŸ˜‰


kinis b4







To view more of my work with loc extensions,Β click here.


In NYC and interested in getting this style done?Β 

E-mail: LovelyLocs@BlackMasterPiece.comΒ for appointments and additional info.



Are they permanent?

There are both permanent and temporary versions of this style, that is completely your choice.

Do you use Glue?

I do not use glues of any kind in my loc extensions.

Do I have to use Human hair?

We can use either human or synthetic hair, most of my clients seem to prefer human, this set I did on Makini was with Synthetic hair.

Is this style okay if I have shorter hair/transitioning hair?

This style would work just as well for short/newly natural/transitioning hair….there are even relaxed ladies getting this done as a protective style.

Will it look real?

I believe the pictures speak for themselves. It looks 100% legit, you go from your current look to looking like you’ve had locs for a decade overnight….its pretty awesome

Can I wash my hair with them in?

Absolutely Makini washes almost every day with no issues

How long can this last?

You could keep the temporary or permanent locs in for as long as you like. So that can mean a few months, a few years or indefinitely. If it is just a temporary protective style, try not to exceed 5 months (YES they last that long). The convenient aspect is that your new-growth will blend flawlessly with the extension hair…as it is the same texture.

Can I go in the water at the beach with this?

Yes you can absolutely go to the beach and get drenched in the water with this.

What Brand/How many packs of hair did it take to do?

That depends on length, I will let you know what your specific needs are for your unique style.

How long does this style take to complete?

This style takes allll day long to do lol you have to start in the morning and be finished by the night

This is one of many styles I’ve been doing this summer I have SO much more in store (including the redesign of my site!) and I plan to share them all with you! Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of my work in the comments! πŸ™‚

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  1. Tarra

    Her hair looks great!! you’re great! and i love that they look real…im definitely interested in getting the lock extensions. im gonna need a protective style for the winter months.

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  4. IJ

    BMP, I got your email, yaaay! But i can’t reply you πŸ™ It keeps getting bounced back to me when I try to reply. Is there another email addy I can use?

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  6. Nicole

    Hi, You did an amazing job on this set. i have been interested in doing loc extensions for some time now I live in nyc and would love to have a set do from you. What is your price range for shoulder length extensions?

  7. Aj

    I am in the NY state area, but not nyc or long island city. I assume that you are only talking about those close to the city. I know that this must be a very long and involved process, however I am VERY interested in seeing how you do this. I will def have to check out youtube for tutorials, as your friends hair was ABSOLUTELY FA-BO-LO-US!!! EXCELLENT WORK!!! they look natural. Are they heavy at all? Any more heavy then normal kanekalon box braids? Thanks in advance for all your help!

  8. KD

    You did a great job! I would have thought they were her real locks. Most that I have seen in NYC look incredibly fake.

    I am in NYC but I’m interested in having crochet braids done. I want some color for the summer but I too am afraid to dye my own hair. Do you do them as well? If so, let me know the pricing.

  9. mel

    Hi I live in n.y. and I’m also interested in having crochet braids done. So bad I would love it if you could help another natural sister with her hair issues

  10. Post

    I e-mailed everyone! πŸ™‚ Sorry for the delay….been on a hair styling marathon since last friday πŸ˜›

    @ AJ: No they are not heavy at all…they’re actually very light.

    @ pulchritudinous: I wouldn’t imagine so….. you just cut and work them apart

  11. Yoshi

    omg you just made my day. Can you please contact my email. I’ve been wanting extension/temporary dreads for the longest.

  12. Nneka N.

    Mona my dear…It’s Nneka. Unfortunately not the Nneka you did a fabulous loc extensions set on in a previous post. You’re site is amazing (as I expected)! I wanted to get some more info on the loc extensions (specifically take down methods and pricing). Email me when you get a chance.

  13. Shalanda

    I love this style, Definitely interested in getting the loc extensions done. Would love to have it done before the cold winter months. Please email me back with pricing info.

    I am located in NYC

  14. KELSEY

    I want to learn how to do this. I want then to be permanent and about the same size as you have here.
    Where are your tutorials/instructions? Which tutorials did you use?


  15. Post

    I dont have loc extension tutoials up on this site at this point. As for my technique, I tried to search youtube for loc extension tutorials but found them lacking or fake looking. So I’m self taught.

  16. Tiffiny

    hi, the hair looks beautiful; & I am extremely interested in having my hair done
    if the price is right lol, I started my dreads about two months ago & they are about 5-6 inches long now, I am in Brooklyn πŸ™‚

  17. shavonn williams

    hi hun this is so beautiful how amazing u r wow is all i can say i really want to get this done to my hair but shorter i want to get yhis done oct 2,2010 can u tell me how much this would cost and hw 2 contacgt u 4 an appt. thanx un advance (:

  18. Michelle

    I love it. I might like an appointment at your location. I don’t need that much bulk. Please contact me. (248) 757-0176. I live in the Detroit, Michigan area. Do you know anybody in this geographic area who can do these temporary locks? Do you have any instructional tapes? Thank you.

  19. Whitney

    hey there. . . I was wondering where in NY do you do hair please say NYC! or atleast somewhere around there. i would love to do this thank you email back

  20. Nikki

    My hair is about 9to 15?long and I wanted to have my hair alway the way down my back.I would also like to know how much would it cost .because I did not see any prices on your web page also can you email me more pictures of of your work .also what kind of hair and were to buy it from and can you let me know were your shop is ? How often do you have to come in for a touch up.is the glue the only thing that holds the dreads because I don’t want to be in the shower and my hair be on the floor of shower

  21. fran

    hi, how are you? I loved it and would like to get temporary dreads done.what is the cost? please email me, thank you for your time.

  22. D

    This looks really nice. I live in Alabama but should be visiting NY next month. Can you let me know how much it would be to get it done? The temporary version as I just need a break with my hair.

  23. Hume

    I am very keen to get locks extensions Next Friday (Dec 18, 2010). Would you email me to confirm this appointment. I like in RI but willing to travel to NY to get this done.

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  25. Brittany

    I really like how you did your friends hair! I didn’t think that dread extensions could look that good! I’m letting my hair get nappy for locking up right now but I wanted to know how much this costed and if they could actually lock in perminately because I don’twant to walk around with skeet dreads. Email me at e.brittany314@yahoo.com when you get a chance. I’m in Massachusetts but I’m willing to travel for this : )

  26. Nikki

    hey i saw ur page and think the haristyles r beautiful and very realistic. i would love this hairstyle, same length maybe thinner for my self…how much do you chatge and do you also do this for children? please email me back at nikkiheckstall@yahoo.com at your earlier conviennience, very interested individual

  27. Malaika

    I would very much like my hair done for the new year with loc extensions. Please email and let me know when we schedule an apt.
    Thank You

  28. Teee

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work!! Absolutely beautiful! I currently have locs and have been thinking of extensions for some time now. I’ve seen the vids on youtube and also seen other before pictures and after pictures and none of them did it for me. Some look horribly fake and oh-so-wrong..

    But your work looks so natural and I AM SOLD!! I’d love to have them done for a protective style. Please contact me.

  29. Shawn McDonald

    Greetings I started my locks about 3 months ago, and I’m sold on the idea of extensions and I would love for you to do mines let me know when your available in the new year

  30. Lisa

    Please let me know your prices. I am trying to lock my hair, but it is too darn straight. I love the length of the young lady in the picture. Contact me ASAP !!


  31. Teresa


    I seen your work and I think it’s wonderful. Can you send me some info on your location,hours,and pricing. I would like to get my hair done the week after New Years. Hope to hear from you soon

  32. Caitlin

    Hi, my Daughter wants this done to her hair. Shes 12 years old. We live in Central Islip, New York. Not in NYC. She wants the same exact color 1B and the same length in the picture. Same size and amount of the extensions. It has to be temporary. i don’t want the glue in her hair. She had partial weaves and box braids since last year. And she wants to switch it up. How much is the pay (where on budget). At least 150.00 dollars. The box braids at the hair salon take out her hair (they do it tight even though we them not to). Her tracks constantly start to fall out because she hardly try’s to maintain it. if we leave her hair out she with just keep playing with. Her hair is down to her shoulders. We need to get these extensions. i have no other choice. Do you provide the hair? I know we have to come to you, where are you located? I’m not sure if i can go alway out to the city. what time can you do this and how long will it take? She wants the same size and amount of extensions shown in the picture. Email me ASAP at Caitlinbrockington@yahoo.com

  33. Queen

    I really want and need to start off my locks, but would love the idea of starting them off with hair extensions. so please email back asap as you can. thank you and have a bless day.

  34. Candice

    Hi and good day I love your lock extensions. Currently I am looking forward to dreadlock my hair with extension and I have a particular format on how to start it off, my question to you is were did you get your hair done and was the cost very expensive?

  35. DyAnne Glover

    Great job! They look wonderful…..I have locs that are about 4 to 5 inches long, but would like to add to the length. Could you please email me info regarding cost. I am interested in making an appointment with you. Thanks!

  36. KrysTheGreat

    I love her loc’s just gorgeous. Im looking all over for a place that can put these in. I sent you an email with my information and ect.

    Really interested in having these installed

  37. Vivian Nixon

    I would like to make an appointment to have this done in March How can we work out the details. I live in Harlem. I would like human hair, of course. If your work is as good as it look in this picture, you will be well compensated.

  38. Bryan

    Yo, Im a guy and want some permanent onces with human hair incase i chose to color the tips..I live in Brooklyn. But name your price.. what ever it is, I will pay for them and they hair..I recently cut my locks because they were crazy frizzy. I was gonna let Nubian Kinks do my extentions but yours is much nicer…let me know a.s.a.p..I SO WANT THESE!

  39. michelle

    I am trying to grow out my relaxer and I would love my hair done. I live in New York how much will it cost and where can I go for a consultation…..Please let me know.

  40. Farrah

    I recently started locks on my daughter after the perm did her hair in! After cutting out all the perm, I locked her hair, but she wants length so she can style it now! She doesn’t want to wait until it grows out naturally, so I’ve been looking for someone to add extentions to her locks. After reading your testimonial, and looking at the photos, I like what I see and would love for you to do something with my childs locks. Please e-mail me…….Im soooo interested in knowing what you can do for her.
    Thanks in advance

  41. Farrah

    MONA-LISA!!!!!! this is me again…lol. My daughter is hype! I showed her the site and she’s sold!!!!!!!!!!!! Please contact me, I want this done to her hair before March 12,2011 if u can fit us in (She’s having a RockStar Big 10 Birthday Party)!! if not, well schedule for whenever u are available!! I would like color 1 or 1b as well, but shoulder length for her would be fine. Please contact me via my email!!!! Thanks.

  42. Dorothy

    I would like to have the lock extentions done within a week if possible. Please e-mail me to let me know your location and the approximate cost for the process.

  43. Jo Ann

    Been starting and taking out locs for two years now. What I lack is patience…waiting for them to lock. This is just what I need. Your work is incredible. If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t. Awesome. How good are you with matching extensions with natural hair color? How much do you charge? Look forward to hearing from you.

  44. Anitra

    I have been online all day researching loc extensions. I’m in Ny about 45 minutes from the bronx an hour from manhattan. How much and where would I need to travel and can it be done next week?

  45. oz

    hey!! i been looking for loc extensions for the longest!! i love your work, would you be able to email me how much it would cost to get them to my shoulders? i would like to get them thinner tho. thank you soo much!

  46. bklyn

    hey ive been researching loc extensions for a long time. i live in nyc and i love your work. it looks completely natural and beautiful. please contact me at this email.. im looking forward to it. thank you

  47. Myzz bx

    Hello, I’m living in d bx n is very interested in getting dread extentions done for the longest. Can you plz email me your prices and info. I will like to get my hair done as soon as possible. Thanks so much. Waiting for a responce!

  48. Sophie

    Hi i love your work!!! I live in Brooklyn and i really an interested in getting my hair done. I also sent you an email requesting prices and other info. please et back to me!! in the email i used my work email address but either is fine with me.

    thanks so much!

  49. sherill best

    i am interested in your work, love the way the dreads look on the young lady. I have dread myself and they are thinning i would love to speak with you about what i can do to thicken and lengthen my dread. thanks.

  50. Mae

    I want loc extensions to the middle of my back…..how much would that cost and do you know any good loc extension ppl in Cincinnati, Ohio

  51. Cry

    Hi, I do not live in ny but am willing to travel, I live in pa, how much does it cost to get this done small and shoulder length? And how long does my hair have to be? Looking forward to hearing from you.

  52. Marie

    Hi, how do I contact you in regards to doing my hair with loc extensions? PLEASE EMAIL ME! O.o lol. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  53. Juno


    I am interested in having the dreadlock extensions done. Please contact me regarding your salon location and prices. Thanks

  54. Fay

    I would love to know where u got ur hair done an how much does it cost to have dread extensions. Ur hair is absolutely divine.

  55. Cara

    O M G !!!!! These are awesome! I’ve been looking into getting locs and I was looking for something that would help me imagine what they looked like. Are you on youtube? If so, please tell me you have a tutorial of how to do this!!!! I love that you do your own hair! So inspirational! DIY is the way of the world! Keep teaching girl!!

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  57. Makkedah Miller

    Hello! I had locs when I was a kid and I miss them a lot, but I am a bit more subconscious about going through the loc process than I was then so I was wondering about extensions…can you please contact me about your prices for neck length full head extensions? thanks =)

  58. Chelsea

    I live in brooklyn and im intrested in getting the loc extensions. I did the big chop after 4 months of new growth and it has been 4 months since the bc. i currently have braids but i want to switch it up a bit so i wud love information on where i cud get this done

  59. BONNIE


  60. BONNIE


  61. Yanique

    I love your loc extension pics! they look soo natural! I live in the Bronx, & I am interested in getting neck/shoulder length locs done with human hair. How much does it cost?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  62. Reign Phyre

    Those locs look great! I am interested in getting loc extensions the same size and length in the photo. I would like to know how much you charge for that style.

  63. Latoya

    Hello, I live in Hollis Queens, NY and I love your work and was interested in getting shoulder length permanent lock extensions. How much do you charge for shoulder length with synthetic hair? Is it possible to get the tips colored? I would love to make an appointment. please contact me via e-mail @ lrbeadle84@gmail.com, ty.

  64. Fran Kapsa

    would ;ile to get dred loc entenstion have been trying to grow them sin january
    had the in 2001-2004 my hair was great changed up cutoff things have not been right since please call would like them in shoulder length and for the long hall 586-731-4792 C586-907-7057 asap possible

  65. Lola Boone

    I live in St. Albans Queens. Do you have a salon in the area. If so i would like to know the cost and how soon I can get it done.

  66. Laura

    I would love to get the extensions put in. Temporary ones though. The same color and length as the girl’s in the picture but I would like them smaller. I have short and relaxed hair. Is that a problem? Please contact me so that we can discuss the price and set up an appointment. I am in the NYC area and have no problem coming to you. Let’s talk ASAP. Thanks!!

  67. Fabienne Diouf

    Hey I really love this. I wanna try the temporary ones and see how it will look on me first then I will go for the permanent ones. Please let me know how much you charge for the temporary ones (i want them shorter).


  68. Lachelle

    I want my hair to grow out i guess you can say im transitioning. So i want to know if i can have temporary dreads so my hair to grow. I want them just for the summer while im working. I want to know is it safe or will some of my hair fall out when taking the dreads out ?

  69. Felena

    I am interested in temporary dreads. I want to give me hair (relaxed) a break. My hair does not touch my shoulders and I want the dreads medium in size and shoulder length. Could you please give me a ballpark price and about how long will it take to complete. I want to know when I take the dreads out will it take my hair out as well? And can I take them out myself? I know you will not be able to give me a concrete price but a ballpark price will give a idea of what I need to put aside. Thanks.

  70. Gretchen

    I would like to get your temporary dreads as soon as you are available. I have been looking for someone who could get such natural results for quite a while. My hair is all natural. I would like my dreads a little shorter then the model on this page. What is your availability?

  71. Chisom

    Hi,Mona lovely work you did on Makini’s hair. I would like to do same but shoulder length. Are you still available? judging from the responses you must be quite busy.Do send an email.

  72. Valencia

    Hi! Omg, I really want to get the long loc extensions!! I’ve been thinking about locking my hair, but didn’t wanna have to cut my hair super short. How much for the long locs? I’m not in the NYC area, but I am MORE than willing to head that way–it’s really no big deal since I have some family there that I’ve been meaning to catch up with before I head off to S. Korea in Aug. When you get a chance, just let me know! Thanks a ton! ^_^.

  73. melisha

    i want extensions for my son so i wont have to deal with waiting for the length or to lock. i dont want them to long maybe shoulder or neck length with humand hair. How much will it cost? email is *deleted for privacy*

  74. Desiree

    I am looking to get lock extensions, I have neckline length hair and its natural. I want them basically medium length nothing extra fancy. How much will a job like this cost?

  75. Roslyn Black

    I would love to have past the shoulder lock extensions. I am aware that they do them in NY but the hair looks more natural on your photos. I live in New Orleans but my Mother and two siblings reside in NY so it won’t be too difficult to arrange an appt. I have short relaxed hair but haven’t been doing retouches as I know what direction I want to go – permanent locks – without the wait!.

  76. Pingback: Update: Makini’s Show Stopping HighLighted Locs!

  77. albrie

    i live in new jersey and i am very interested in getting loc extensions to shoulder length. i know its very timely, but at the same time im hoping they are within a good price range please let me know your location and pricing

  78. Keiva'

    I love the work you did they look awesome. I’m looking to have them done in the next 2-3 months,my hair is about 1 1/2 in i know it has to grow a lil longer i want shoulder length dreads plz email me the price and other important info thanx

  79. Melo

    Hi my name is Melanie an I was thinking about getting dred lock extensions I really like them. I’ve had short hair for about 3 years and now I want long hair lol if u can email me back I would gladly appriceate it.

  80. Niecy

    Hey i’ve been looking for good dread extension for a long time. I have dreads about shoulder length but its frizzy at the end. With these extensions can you braid it for it to come out curly?? or can you do updo’s?? I would really appreciate it if you can tell me how much the extensions will cost, where you are located and when I can make an appointment…ps. Im trying to have them done before Miami Carnival (first week in oct)

  81. shalonda jones

    im interested in getting collar bone length. i already have locs about 3 inches long. Please give me a call. Thanks and good job!

  82. Nigel Nealy

    Hey how are you I have been looking all over for someone to do my loc extentions and still have had no luck if you can please veg back to me I will highly appreciate it!!!!

  83. Emlyn

    Hi. The extensions that you do look lovely! My question is how much do you charge for like, say, 12 inch extensions done (somewat) small? please give me an estimate, and can i have a number to contact you to make an appointment, along with the address. Thanks much, have a good day.

  84. Emlyn

    Hi. The extensions that you do look lovely! My question is how much do you charge for like, say, 12 inch extensions done (somewat) small? please give me an estimate, and can i have a number to contact you to make an appointment, along with the address. Thanks much, have a good day.

  85. Jennifer

    hey i love your work im interested in getting them shoulder length i would like to know the price and when i can set an appointment up thanks

  86. kim

    Wow! Those locs are lovely, I sent you an email ! I have been searching high and low for someone to do them for me. Praying that we meet soon. Have a blessed day!

  87. Toni


    I have locs already but some of it has thined out. I would like to have extentions done–is this possible? Would I need to cover my entire hair. I’m lyoub looking to having it done soon. I’m located in Woodbridge, Nj. Are you close by? my number is seven three two, nine four three, seven one nine nine.


  88. Kat

    Hello, i hope all is well. I have never had loc extensions before and im really interested in getting some, i am also in new york, i wanted to know exactly what the whole loc process entails, the price etc. if possible will you contact me back at your earliest convenience, thank you for your time!

  89. shelley

    I live in Laurelton Queens 1 town over from St. Albans. I need repair done to my locs. Just looking for a new stylist. contact me (347) 251-3284

  90. nefeatia

    Hello, i live in the bronx and i was interested in getting temporary dreads for a year now. I love your work and want you to do my dreads,please contact me by my email so we can discuss where you are located and your prices.

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  91. Jessica

    Im very interested in getting perment loc extensions. i seen your work and i was very impressed! best i have seen since i been looking around. Im living in connecticut but its not too far of a ride to nyc! i would love to know how much you charge and much more details so i can set an appointment! Thank you

  92. Jennifer

    I live in the new orleans area and really want to get sum dreads. plz would love to talk prices. plz get intouch wit me! thanx!

    1. Post
    1. Post

      Hi Latasha, thanks alot for the recognition, I really appreciate it, I don’t teach my technique at this time but if I ever begin to, I will be sure to let you and all my readers know right here on my blog.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  93. Nalisa

    I have been trying to grow my locs forever now to no avail. I am considering loc extensions now. I will be in the NYC area this weekend. I would love to set up a consultation so you can look at the current state of my hair, and so we could discuss length and possible prices.

  94. Tique

    Love the way this looks unfotunately i kept listening to my mother when i wanted dreads and she did not want me to get them. Now i have a mohawk and definitely can’t get them until my hair grows back out. But any who your work is amazing everyone’s hair looks absolutely fabulous.

      1. Post

        Thanks! I put alot of effort into my styles. Yes, this can definitely be done on relaxed hair. Hit me up when you have at least 2 inches all around and I’ll hook you up πŸ˜‰

  95. Brandi

    Let me start off by saying your work is great!! I”ve been looking for a stylist for the past year since I have been growing my hair natural and your work out shines the rest. I would like to set up a consultation appointment with you A.S.A.P! I hope to hear from you soon.

  96. marie

    I am in love with your work, very nice! I’ve been wanting to put extensions for a very longtime but i just couldn’t find someone who does a really good job and make it look so natural. Now that i’ve seen your work im very much interested and would love to know where you’re located because i live in new york and really wanna get them done.

  97. Nancy colas

    Inam interested in setting an appointment for temporary dread extensions like the one on your website . Thank you Nancy

  98. Ms. B

    Please contact me like yesterday !!! I need to have this style and extentions !!! I’m getting married soon.

    Please respond !!!!

  99. Jana

    Hi I tried contacting you before because I am interested in getting temporary locs and would like to know your prices. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you.

    1. Post
      1. latifah

        Hi I would like to know if you are still doing the locks, I just came upon this site..if u can email me @bossladygogettazent@gmail.com. I would like to know where you are located, How much, I’ve been contemplating this for two years now and I have been looking around. So If you have the chance please email me back.

  100. Carolyn Johnson

    Hi I saw your work and was interested in getting my hair done I wanted a full head medium size dreads that are shoulder length. Not sure about your prices so please contact me

  101. LaRita


    I like the pictures of your work. would you email me the price of chin length dreads about the width of the ones in the picture? also where are you located?

  102. Natalie

    i am ready to make the transition from braids to permanent lock extensions. please contact me so can obtain additional info. I live in Brooklyn

  103. Aleshia

    Hi…Just wanted to say your work looks very natural. Please contact me with your location, very interested in extensions. Ive been locking since August 2011, and want a mid back length

  104. Landa


    I have been a relaxer girl for years and while I love the look of Locs I have to admit that the unkept roots drive me away, but I am loving the look on your friend. I love the ideal that I could use this style for the summer and go back in the fall to my wash and sets…can yhou give me a price, number, and location so that I can get this hair of my going! Thank you in advance.

  105. Jeffrey

    Hi, Im very interested in having my hair loc’d by you..if possible please email me back with ur location and prices…Thanx hope to hear from you soon..( and can you put these dreds up into a bun?? curious to know)

  106. Brittany

    I really want to do this! how do I make the extensions into dreads locs? and how do i get the extensions into my hair?

  107. Nikki

    Hello! LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! I currently have loc extensions in but the girl who did them has left town. I want to go perm!! Please contact me. I live in SNJ but will travel!!!!

    1. Post
  108. Jenny

    Are you still doing the dread extensions? I am in the nyc area until Sunday and would love to set up a consultation and talk length, color, prices, ect. Please let me know! Thank you =)

    1. Post
  109. grace

    I have synthetic loc extensions now ( did them myself in late july)and was wondering how long should i keep them in if i don’t want my natural hair to loc up? is december too long or should i do another set in sept/october ?

    1. Post
  110. Cearra

    I love your work !!! I’ve been looking for someone that can do loc extensions for a long time in NYC. Just didn’t have any luck until I found your website. Im in the NYC area and would love to set up a consultation. Please and thank you πŸ™‚

    1. Post
  111. Prisca Alexander

    Hi I’m interested in getting the permanent medium dreads extension shoulder length . I love ur wrk of art .imma b in ny for thanks giving weeken I would love to get it done please email me ur rate n price range so I could get it done while I’m here thnx

  112. Jazz

    Hi, wonderful work, I am interested in getting temporary dreadlock extentions, with human hair and am located in NY area, wanted to know further info such as pricing, your location, and available dates and times if any so that I can get it done. Please email me at your earliest convience. Thank you.

  113. Josette

    hello, i live in east flatbush nyc and i would love to get these dred extensions probably by september 6th . . . πŸ˜€

    would you please contact me with your location prices etc ?!

  114. Micha

    Hello, and great job on your work! Can you please contact me back. I have a lot of questions. Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon πŸ™‚

  115. denise

    I am interested in the lenght and size of the picture you labelled your best work yet. Can you give and estimated price and your location? And any other info you think i should know.
    Thank you

  116. Angela J

    I am transitioning and interested in having you do my hair. I am located in NJ. I like the pictures you displayed in my best work ever but would like to have a shorter version maybe a little longer than shoulder length. My question is what is the best length if I occasionally want to wear it up. Also interested in the responses you gave denise.
    Thank you

  117. Pat

    I also ran upon this website and your work is gorgeous! I emailed you, as well, a few days ago and would love to have a consultation. I am in Brooklyn and am looking for this to be permanent. Please email me! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  118. Valerie Benjamin

    Fabulous! Afro-Chic. Coming down in February for my bierthday. Do you have a list of salons that provide the service shown on Master Piece? Please forward it to me. Thanks.

    1. Post

      Hello Valerie, all the styles displayed on my site are my work and done in my studio. If you’d like I could give you information on where you can find me in February. I have already responded to your email though, thanks for your input.

  119. Aneka

    Hi Mona-Lisa,
    I love your work, very talented I like to make an appoinmnet ASAP. Email me with your info, location, price list ETC……
    Thank you

  120. Kiana

    I would love to get this done. Can you please infiorm me on your rates and avialablity. I would like to get length a little shorter than your friend’s (12in)


  121. Harry

    I’m looking for both Asian & Caucasian dreadlocks for a photo shoot/ commercial. As a former fashion designer on 7th ave. NYC, I’ve created a line of “swim/bathing caps” that are “WATERPROOF” that will accommodate, dreadlocks & long hair (kids to πŸ™‚ The line will go viral in January 2013 (or sooner). You will be required to wear a swim suit in a pool, bath or spa setting. All recommendations with photos sent to:
    Houseofren@aol.com Brooklyn, New York I’m Harry …One Luv!

  122. Nick

    Hello have have questions about your pricing and your Availablity can you please respond that would be a blessing thank you..

  123. Nick

    wats your email address im coming to new york next month and would love me and my wife head done by you can you please respond thank you…

    1. Post

      The hair comes in pretty much any color you could imagine, the price of the hair depends on if you want them synthetic or human.

  124. tami

    Hi I am really interested in doing some permanent dreads extensions in early march please email me back. I definitely wanna get it done. Been looking for someone this good for too long

  125. Tami

    hi i would really like u to get in contact with me about this i really want to get it done before next month and id like the permanent one please email me back as soon as u can please

  126. Lynne

    Hey, how are you? I would really love to be contacted by you. I emailed but haven’t receive a reply yet. I live in new york and would love to get my hair done. Please.

  127. Pepper

    I just came across your blog this Sunday morning. I was searching for permanent loc extensions and found you! If you are still doing this style, I would love to make an appointment with you. Please contact me! THANK YOU!

  128. Licia

    Hello. I’ve been growing my locs for almost 6 mths. I’m looking interested in loc extensions, but I live in Boston and have yet to find someone to do them. New York is right next door so I have no problem getting to you. Can you please email me some info on price, location and a contact number? I hope to hear from you soon. πŸ™‚

  129. Lisa

    Hi are you still doing dred loc extentions? I went the facebook page and wrote a comment and emailed you from this site. I havnt received a response yet. Im sure you are busy etc. I would like to know if I may have some questions answered. I am interested in the loc extensions & ready to start.
    Thank you for your speedy response.

  130. sara

    Im from Michigan I’d love to get some more information please send a link or anything you’d like too. I’ve been dying for dreads. Scared of the commitment in case I dont like them. These look amazing. Very beautiful. Love the fact they aren’t bulky I have a small head lol. I’d come to NYC in a nanosecond to see you!

  131. Ruth

    Hi, her hair looks great!! i also live in NY and I would love for you to email me about prices and availability pleassee!!!

  132. Melody

    I absolutely adore what you’ve done. You obviously know what you’re doing. I reside in NYC and I definitely will be scheduling an appt….. Bravo!! -Mel

  133. Eutson

    I live in the Bronx and im interested please contact me so I can have an idea of what I would be paying for shoulder length crown

  134. Patricia

    I would love to get extensions done well but how much will it cost, I’m in Woodbridge Va 22193 please contact me .

    Thank You

  135. Sway

    Hello everyone I live in NYC and I wanted extensions but the best shop for me charges upwards of a thousand dollars but they have some bad reviews. Now don’t get me wrong I am willing to pay their price but not if the service doesn’t reflect it. I have been researching high and low but I need the best service and I want the work to reflect the price.

    1. Post
  136. Kay

    Mona Lisa PLEASE say you are still doing hair in NY!! If not idc, I’ll come to wherever you are. Emailed you with my number. Would love to have details so I’m waiting on your response πŸ™‚

    1. Post
  137. Mark Davis

    Hi hello i sent you a email and i never recieved a response! If you can please get back to me that will be very great..thanks have a great day πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  138. Dorehn Coleman

    These look amazing!!
    I am interested in getting this style. Please tell me you are still available!! I look forward to hearing back from you!


  139. Mike Nery

    Im very interested abd live in NYC my hair is already very lengthy for a guy but I have 3 concerns 1. My hair gets dry fast so I have a dandruff issue, so I want to know if washing my hair every 4-7 days would be excessive and unravel the dreads. 2. How much would it cost (just a general price)? 3. I’m an athlete I run track and play football so I want to know will all my running and wearing a helmet for hours at a time harm the locks? Please respond

  140. jereisha

    Hello! I need to get dreadlock extentions clip ons. do anyone know where i can get them??? I just want them until my real dreads get longer. please and thank you! i apreciate it.

  141. Taylor Corinne

    Hi. I saw your work on black master piece and I’ve been wanting dread extensions. I’ve tried emailing you but the address was invalid for some reason. Can you tell me your price for them to be shoulder length or a little longer? My email is thetaylorcorinne@gmail.com . Thank you

  142. Scarlett Diaz

    I love your work.
    I’m looking into getting dreads, and I trust your work as this girl looks great and natural.
    Can you please email me for price inquiry and style!?
    Thank you (:

  143. Melanie

    I’m very much interested in getting loc extensions. I would like to use unprocessed human hair. please email me so we may discuss. Than
    No you

  144. tania Valencia

    I am interested in getting loc extensions in a bob style, about pinky finger size in width. Please email me your availability and price.
    thank you,

  145. Jennette Haynes


    I wanted to know if you are still doing the lock extensions? If so how can I contact you for pricing etc?

    Thank You

  146. Tracey Chiromo

    Wanted to know if you available to do dreadlock extensions in Cincinnati when i google them it took my to your webpage….thanks

  147. mayel

    Hey I been looking at the faux hair styles and I came across your page.i really want to do this hairstyle but I have a few question.i would be so happy if u can email me..

  148. KingJames

    I cut my dreads 3 years ago… I think i got my last haircut for a while 3 weeks ago. Im getting my zip-lock bag kept dreads reattached before the new year…. Just wanted yall to know.

  149. Jameaka

    I dont live in NY but im willing to travel there to get my hair done I love the extensions if possible i would like to set an appointment

  150. matherne

    hello, my name is matherne, and i absolutely love your work. i am interested in getting the faux locks. i will be in the new york area this up coming week, i would love it if i could set an appointment with you. i would like to know your prices and the exact location. i will be traveling from Indianapolis just to get my hair done lolz crazy, i know right.

  151. lisa

    Hi, are u still doing lock extensions in NY. I have shorter locks and want to know if you can add extension to existing locks.

    Pls respond. I would really like to get this done asap.

  152. Pamela

    I wou like the extended locks also. Please contact me at 347 280 2464. What do you charge. My hair is natural and approximately 4-5 inches. Are you available this week? Looking forward to meeting you.

  153. Ife

    Hi, I live in New York and I’d love to get my hair done ASAP, I wanna do the faux locs and did the big chop about 5 months ago. Don’t know how to contact you, or would you please contact me so we can discuss? Thank you!

  154. Cartier

    what is the number to set up an appointment and how long does your hair have to be I want to get dreads that looks real il real and I want to do them asap

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