My Auburn & Brown Crochet Braids! + The Premiere of my Fotki!

Hey guys! So these are the pix of the first week of my crochet braids and the premiere of my Fotki!

You can find the complete album of the Crochet braids in my foki album but I’ll post a few of the best here.

All I do is sleep with a satin bonnet and shake and go in the morning

So this is me getting started on the cornrows

My Auburn and Brown Crochet Braids 012


All done! 🙂

My Auburn and Brown Crochet Braids 001


Finished the crochet braids! Voila!

My Auburn and Brown Crochet Braids 071


I used Auburn on the top and dark brown on the bottom

My Auburn and Brown Crochet Braids 006


My Auburn and Brown Crochet Braids 011


My Auburn and Brown Crochet Braids 063


In NYC and interested in getting this style done?

E-mail: for appointments and additional info.


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  2. shakira williams

    Really nice I did tree braids on my hair the other day. WIsh I would have did those. They seem to be alot quicker and they look great!

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  4. KeeB0

    Very very cute! Stupid do you hide the back braids of your hair from the cornrow. Sorry if you answered this already. 🙂

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    Hey KeeBO! What do you mean? how do you hide the hanging cornrows? If thats what you mean I’d just roll them and tuck them….but I came up with a new braiding pattern and I’ll post that on here shortly 🙂

  6. Stephanie

    WOW your hair looks grrrrrreat! I want to try it but I’m not sure how good I’d be at crocheting my own hair…. ughhh I wanna do it!

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  9. Sandria

    Cute! Call me slow, but I think I’m asking the same question someone already asked. The braids- do you pin/sew them up or just camouflage them with the extensions?

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    For this set I just camouflaged them with the extensions for my second set I braided the nape in a zig-zag pattern.

  11. Danielle

    If you dont mind me chiming in. My mother is a stylist and she using several methods of braiding depending on how the client wants to wear their hair. I like the horseshoe pattern she uses where she braids the hair in a horizontal pattern until she reaches the crown on the head at which point she either takes the hair straight back or goes in a circle depending on a desired style. And she also sews the braids down prior to adding the hair which allows you to get at least 2months out of the style if you take care of the extensions properly.

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    / Yea, this post was my very first attempt, since then I pretty much got an effective pattern down pat, similar to how your mom does it, I do horizontal braids in the back and straight back in the front.

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