Product Review: Andis ColorWaves Tourmaline-Ionic Blow Dryer

BMPers, I’d like to introduce you to a past love of mine we were recently reunited……the Andis Colorwaves 1875 Watt Tourmaline-Ionic Blow Dryer!!!

This is an excellent blowdryer that allows type 4’s like me to skip the hotcomb step and go straight to flat ironing which is awesome and time saving. Here’s a before and after with this blowdryer with the comb attachment on my hair:

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Before: This is my damp hair unraveled from the braid I wash it in.


After the Andis Blowdryer:Lisa's Pictures 181 Smooth very straight, very few shed hairs and really fast drying time.

I was really pleased with the results, it dries your hair quickly but doesnt leave it feeling dried out. It leaves your hair feeling very smooth, I felt it helped my hair’s cuticle lay down my hair was light bouncy and very straight for just a blowdryer. It has a very powerful stream of air and it is very loud, however it gets the job done and does it well. This product gets 5 stars from me.

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  1. Alex

    Your hair is gorgeous! Your straightening results have inspired me. Are the teeth on your blow dryer attachment plastic or metal? I used a plastic attachment on a blow dryer and the teeth bended and broke off when I used high heat.

  2. Post

    Thank you Alex! I’m not sure what the comb attachment is made out of but I’ve never had issues with the comb attachment melting and I use it on the hottest setting this is my second time owning this particular blow dryer.

    I’ve never even heard of a metal blowdrying attachment, I would think that would be an electrocution hazard.

    You may have gotten a defective product as well.


  3. Dorian

    Your hair is so healthy and pretty!!!! I want mine to be like that when it grows up( and out) lol.

    Where did you get your blow dryer and maxiglide from? How often do you straighten and trim your ends?

  4. Post

    I got my blowdryer from my local BSS. We got our first Maxiglide from Bed Bath and Beyond but I saw that sale on HSN and ordered it for the better deal with the bells and whistles so as soon as that comes in the mail we’re returning our initial maxiglide.

    I straighten ALOT in the winters… ALOT lol its easier and it depends on my mood. As for timming for the past coupla yrs its been once a yr, I may up that to twice a yr or I may just start really babying my ends…..prolly the latter.


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  7. Olivia

    I bought the Andis Elevate Tourmaline Ionic Blow dryer. Looks like the one you used but is red. Is it the same thing? I had the Andis Ceramic Ionic blowdryer for 5 years now but at the highest setting it dried the heck out of my hair! lol. Hoping this one will work and I also bought TJ’s Nourishing Spa Shampoo and conditioner , thanks! 😉

  8. Post

    You’re welcome! 🙂 it should be the same it comes in different colors but as long as the design is the same its the same thing.

    I use IC Fantasia Heat Protectant serum to blowdry and spray to flat iron.

  9. Olivia

    Does the spray leave your hair hard because I used the Joico Silk Results Thermal Smoother spray and my hair was left so dry and felt hard. I had to comb it out for it to go back to normal.

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  12. Elaine Baynes

    I am very pleased to see that I can do many styles without leaving my home. I decided to cut all the perm out of my hair for my 28th birthday ( Nov. 2009) and would have to say it was the best thing I could do to my hair.

    My hair often blown-out, now I rock the curly nape. Anyway, I am happy that you are doing this Mona-Lisa.


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  14. Post

    Thanks for visiting my blog Jonathon! I appreciate it 🙂

    That’s interesting….the only browser I use is chrome and I’ve never had an issue.

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  16. Norman Barg

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  17. LaToya

    I am interested in buying this dryer because it’s dual voltage. Can you describe the heat settings; more specially, the cool setting. I use a dryer to stretch my hair, but I only use the cool shot…but holding that button down can cramp your hands after a while. I will like to buy this if the cool setting is “cool” and not “slightly warm”. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

  18. Dijah

    i saw other types of hairdryers like this one from andis…i was considering getting the red one cause i can afford this one…do they work the same? and can i find them in a store like walmart or target?

  19. Post

    @Jenny I got mine here in the states, I’m not sure where you’d get one where you are but ordering from the internet could be the way to go.

    @Dijah, the color shouldn’t matter, not sure, I got mine from my local beauty supply store

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  20. AliYah

    Hello Mona, If I may call you that. Wanted to say thanks a lot for sharing. I know this post is really old, but if you’re still here could you tell me: I am looking to start flat-ironing my hair again. I am trying to get my hair like you got yours, or close.

    When getting a hair dryer what are the keys things I need to look for to get it straight like yours?
    NOTE: I haven’t used a blow dryer of any kind in about a year. I kid you not. I hardly ever use them. So I’m way out of touch on this. But as my natural hair gets longer, it becomes too difficult for me to want to deal with. But I DO NOT WANT TO PERM IT. So blow dry/flat iron are what I’m considering.


    1. Post

      I would just look for recommendations and word of mouth, my favorite now is actually the yellobird blowdryer, but the most important thing is what you protect your strands with while you blowdry which can both help in te straightening process and protect the hair from heat damage, keep up with this blog as I will be posting about that shortly. Thanks so much for reading 🙂

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