*Teaser!* My Flat Twists & A Straw Set I Did on My Friend :o)

Hey gorgeous BlackMasterPiece’s this is a teaser!! I did my hair in Flat Twists Sunday and I did My Friend’s Hair in a Straw Set Tonight.

Here’s a Sneak Peek! We’re taking our hair out tomorrow morning so I’ll update with the finished result ad products used tomorrow! 🙂

Stay Tuned!

My Flat Twists

Lisa's Pictures 152Top of my head flat twists


Side View of my flat twists

There are 16 flat twists totalLisa's Pictures 153



The Straw Set I did on my Friend Tonight

Lisa's Pictures 147Before


Set in straws by *moi*Lisa's Pictures 149


Lisa's Pictures 150


Lisa's Pictures 148lmfao! Goin hard with her twodiffusers! She’s set on cool 8) rofl

We will be taking down our hair and rockin our curls tomorrow! Stay Tuned for the Update!! 🙂

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