Care Free Wash and Go Natural Hair Style That LASTS!!

A True Blue wash and go hair style that will allows you to:

– Conditioner-wash every week or maybe even twice a week (which is what I’ll be doing )

– TRULY wash and go no muss no fuss just airdrying

– Achieve a protective style that will give your hair a break and allow it to retain length nicely

– Wear the style for up to three months if you wanted

– Stays neat as long as you wear a scarf or bonnet at night

Jump in the pool, walk in the rain, go have dinner on a night with 90% humidity with your hair neat and in tact……..ALL that can be achieved with Pixie Braids! aka micro-braids on natural hair with no extensions…..thats what makes it so versatile. It’s also much more mild on the hair when its just using your own hair there is no excessive weight on the hair you dont have to fear washing it as you often do with extensions its absolutely gorgeous. I will be doing this as my back to school style. It does take a while to put in when your hair is as long as mine but its a time investment thats worth it for 1-2 months of never having to worry about your hair. Thats a good look!!

For anyone that has daughters this is a great style for the summertime when they want to play in the sprinklers and jump into the pool without having to worry about their hair….which is how childhood should be.

This style looks best on thick natural hair, I posted some of the best demonstrations of this style below, some of them will require you to go to youtube to view them but either way check them out, feel free to skip forward to get to the good stuff 😉





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